Coffee with Job 80 – The Testimony

Job 27:1-6 – Job resolves not to speak wickedness – that is he bears testimony to God – he will not speak against God. We need the wisdom to see the bigger picture as Job did….

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Coffee with Job – 79 – Just the Outer Fringe – Gods Answer to Covid, Cancer and Climate Change – part 3



  1. Thanks for this message David. I too feel depressed by what is happening in the UK at present. Most of the churches where I live seem to be embracing ‘the spirit of the age’ also. Telling people to ‘come and enrich us by being who you truly are’ and that they would love to see gay couples married in their church. I really don’t think that giving folks the impression that they are ok as they are is any help whatsoever. Personally, I need God to completely change and enrich me, because who I truly am is a sinner. I need God’s mercy and grace and forgiveness. Thank God, that hope in Jesus Christ is always there for anyone who asks for it. God bless and thank you, Christine.

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