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Romans Road to Real Hope 11 – Hope in Suffering

Romans 8:22-25 – What is our hope in suffering? We are part of creation and we suffer with it. So what is our hope? The Spirit given us as a deposit. The promise that even our bodies will be redeemed and renewed. It is something in the future – we don’t already have it. But it is guarantee – listen to find out more!

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Romans Road of Real Hope 10- What is God Saying to World Leaders at Cop 26 about His Creation?


  1. Re Hope in Suffering , the once hugely popular Scottish singer , Sir Harry Lauder , lost his son in the First World War’s Western Front but still carried on entertaining .

    I believe Sir Harry was a ” regular attender” at his Masonic Lodge , for some time an acceptable augmentation of Scottish Presbyterianism.

  2. From the midst of the Scottish Highlands thank you for bringing us every day the hope that we have as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. Your series on Job has been a real blessing. God has placed you there “for such a time as this”. Be encouraged that many are praying for you and Annabel.

  3. Amen! Thank you, David, for this encouragement; and for your courage in speaking on the Environmental Issue from a Biblical perspective. Sorry to hear you have been receiving abuse from people calling themselves Christians over this matter. If they truly are Christians, they need to repent of that, but I suspect they’re just Religious people who are the worst for heaping vitriol on true Christians standing on the truth. The Bible is full of such examples, as ultimately Jesus and His disciples discovered, and their responses should be our guide & guard along with the grace of God and Holy Ghost. Every blessing. Let us continue to stand on the Rock, and that Rock is Christ, and on His truth which alone will set us free from the world the flesh & the devil.

  4. Isn’t it amazing that God feeds his flock , when the shepherd feels he has little or nothing to offer !

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