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Job 40 – If Someone Dies, Will They Live Again?

Straight after talking about the finality of death – why does the tree have an advantage? Why is a human life like water spilled out? – Job comes up with an extraordinary short burst of hope. There is refuge in the grave – there is personal relationship with God and the disposal of sin – which guarantees our resurrection ….Job 14:7-17

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This tree seems to have such an advantage over humans in terms of life!  I love these in the Sydney parks!

Job 39 – Man Born of Woman



  1. Another week’s worth of excellent commentary, David. This series and that of Romans, is like a breath of fresh air blowing away the stale, lifeless air of ecclesiasticism.

    Very much needed at a time when the institutionalised church, in its reckless desire to accommodate the perverse way of the world, appears to be hell bent on sowing doubt about the authority of scripture in the mind of the believer. A truly wicked thing to be doing, whichever way one looks at it.

  2. I would echo Stephen’s words , that , and also the coffee tastes even better during those short study times. We shall also remember your ill brother in the Lord. In our fellowship we remember two who have fallen to this dreadful disease .

    What a blessing indeed , to know that we shall one day be with the Lord , risen to be just like Him , and a disease far greater than cancer ( sin ) will no longer impede our access or vision to what God has intended and prepared. Listen to the words of Jesus to anyone who has doubt.
    John Ch 6 v63
    It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing . The words that I speak to you are spirit , and they are life .

    I think , like most who are attending the Job sessions , we are looking for a happy outcome , but its verse 26 of chapter 19 that has me punching the air , every time !
    “and though after my skin , worms destroy this body , yet in my flesh I shall see God :

    God bless you , Pastor.

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