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Coffee with Job 31 – Ch.11:1-6 – Can you Hear God?

Coffee with Job – Now it is the turn of Job’s youngest friend – Zophar – who comes straight out of theological seminary with his absolute certainty, and harsh questions. He shows us how not to use theology – in ch.11 v.1-6 – he asks Job to listen to God – and confuses his own voice with Gods’…..

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Coffee with Job 30 – 4 Questions for God




  1. Hi David,

    I have listened to one or two of your “Coffee with Job”. What you have prompted me to do is to download Christopher Ash’s book on Job. I must say that I have not appreciated a Christian book like this for some time. It is deep and insightful (and I am still only on Job chapter 3). I am very much looking forward to the rest (and of course your podcasts).

  2. Female Clergy : ” How do we go about preaching an inspiring Sermon?”

    Apostle Paul : ” That’s the interesting part , you don’t.”

    Traditional Wee Free belief, surely.

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