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ASK at the Cathedral 4 – Oppression, Toil, Loneliness and Friends – (Why are things so hard?) ch.4

This weeks Ask at the Cathedral.

Oppression, Toil, Loneliness and Friends – (Why are things so hard?)  ch.4

Here are some of the slides we used:  Feel free to join us – same time, same place – next week…

ASK – Ecclesiastes 3 – An Answer to the Burdens of Jordan Peterson


  1. What stood out to me with your post was the better a wise youth and an king that can not longer heed a warning. Conventional wisdom might suggest that you you don’t get wisdom without years and life experience. This suggests a young person can be wise, and an older king can be foolish. Which then suggests that there should not be assumptions made that an older person with life experience has wisdom and a younger person with less life experience is lacking wisdom.

    Thanks – it’s given me food for thought.

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