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This week I had the privilege of discussing evangelism with David Jensen and Karl Faase  on The Pastors Heart, hosted by Dominic Steele.  I found it to be an interesting and stimulating discussion – David and Karl were excellent.   There is a lot more than could be said but it is actions that are needed – we are at a crucial time in the Western church.  The world is confused, dark and needy – it needs a vaccine – and we have it.  The question is one of distribution!


This is the how they introduced it:

What makes an effective evangelistic campaign? What messages will engage non Christian audiences with the truth of the gospel? This week we speak with three key evangelists about the best way to reach the lost. We discuss positive evangelism, maximising mission opportunities, integrating online and offline campaigns, and ideas for a large scale campaign. David Jensen is on the team at EV Church on the NSW Central Coast, Karl Faase is the CEO of Olive Tree Media, which produces programs for Christian media and local church use internationally. David Robertson is with the Sydney Anglican Church’s ‘Evangelism and New Churches.’

The Pastors Heart – Interview with Dominic Steele


  1. STM that one of the difficulties for evangelism is, that Christianity is not “democratic” (in the everyday, “worsened”, sense). It excludes a great deal that is accepted, approved, defended behaviour – & the wrongness of excluding behaviours has become a shibboleth. People don’t explain *why* “exclusion” & “discrimination” are wrong, nor why unlimited free speech (for the self, usually – not always for those who disagree) is an unalloyed and incontrovertible good.

    I think scientism is another problem. Time to read Kuyper on Common Grace, perhaps, And then his Pro Rege, on the Universal Kingship of Christ.

  2. Off-topic: this article talks about how Prince Philip allegedly encouraged the Queen to share her Christian faith more openly.

    There is a prayer at the bottom of the page in a red box, giving thanks for Philip’s life. If you feel like it you can click on the button to commit to reciting the prayer:


  3. Sorry, I just realised that the Pronce Philip article I linked is on Premier. I honestly didn’t realise it was on the site that banned you, Pastor. Sorry for my faux pas. I am embarassed. I hope my insensitivity didn’t cause any hurt. 😳

  4. Today’s woke news:


    On a different subject, I’ve just been learning about Prince Philip’s purported religious views from Ingrid Seward’s biography of the Duke.

    He apparently became increasingly religious in the 1980s and these views of his were mixed with a growing environmental awareness. From the phrasing of one speech he seemed to take an each-way bet on whether God had created the world or if Ge had let it evolve.

    More worryingly, he semed to be something of a panentheist because he said on another occasion, “If God is in nature, then nature itself is divine”, hence the basis for his environmentalism.

    Bizarrely, at the beginning of the following chapter, it is revealed he also believed in UFOs and was a subscriber to a flying saucer magazine.

  5. What messages will engage non Christian audiences with the truth of the gospel?

    Truth of the gospel? I think you may well have put your finger on the nub of the problem, David.

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