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Quantum 141 – Starmer, Churches, Tik Tok, Propaganda, in Christ Alone, Restore and so much more

This week we look at Keir Starmer and Jesus House, NSW and White Privilege, Noah Green, LGBT and German Lutherans, Covid and the Churches, Top piece of Classical music,  The End of Law, Tik Tok, When Christian media spread fake news, Propaganda in Scotland and China, Ewan Gurr and Restore, 20th Anniversary of in Christ Alone, the attack on Capitol Hill, Transgender Spies, Peace and Dave Alvin.

Tik Tok –

Ewan Gurr for Restore..


Quantum 140 – Foucault, Fletcher and Chariots of Fire – the Easter Episdode




  1. The Beelin Lutherans have a totally different attitude to the Lutheran Church of Australia which does take the Bible literally.

  2. In Christ Alone. I notice this version has omitted verse 2 – which contains the line “Till on that cross, as Jesus died, the wrath of God was satisfied”. I do hope this was not an attempt by the artist to block or censure these bible-based thoughts? At 5+ mins, with oohs and aahs, perhaps it was felt to be getting too long?However all 4 verses are crucial.

  3. Almost the equal of R V-W, in Englishness , was Elgar whose music was used for John Mortimer’s Paradise Postponed :

    Mortimer’s excellent writing , at least in the above example , was peculiar inasmuch as his Socialist beliefs were not given a likelihood of fruition.

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