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Quantum 133 – Happy Chinese New Year; Nigeria, Dutch Feminism, Sir James, Steve Hughes, Scottish Rugby, Banning Prayer, A Mad World, Mary Wilson, and The Rolling Stones

Welcome to this weeks Quantum which covers news, sport, comedy, music and religion….you can listen to it by clicking the link here – or onSpotify, I Tunes etc.

It’s Chinese New Year – the year of the Ox –  this is a beautiful Mandarin worship song –


Joe Biden has just called Xi Xinping.  We will see how that works out.  Meanwhile the CCP has bought itself even more influence in UK universities.  The UK bans an English language Chinese TV station. And the persecution of the Uyghur’s continues.

In Africa the persecution of Christians in Nigeria continues to speed up – over 3,600 killed last year.

It’s a while since we had some Dutch on Quantum so here is a fascinating lady speaking about Feminism.

Then we look at the fascinating musical genius/rebel – Sir James MacMillan 


We havn’t had any comedy for a while – so here is Steve Hughes (note that there is a little bad language in this)…He combines sharp social observation with great humour…his comments on climate change are what I use in the podcast….”it’s strange being a white man, in a black man’s country in the middle of Asia”.

And then in terms of sport we have to celebrate Scotland beating England. 

We also discuss the Sturgeon/Salmond split.

And then move on to the incredible (misnamed) Victorian anti-Gay conversion bill.  

And then we look at several things that show what a mad world we live in – whether its Matt Hancok threatening ten year jail sentences for lying about which country you have been to, euthanasia in Canada for the elderly who are fed up of lockdown, Kylie Moore-Gilbert returning from 900 days in an Iranian prison to discover her husband having an affair with her PhD supervisor and Planned Parenthood finding a new cash cow in Transgender …But this is from the Handforth Parish Council kind of sums it all up!

Although I love the news about the 117 year old French nun who has survived Covid!

Finally we end with the death of Mary Wilson of the Supremes – who had numerous hits including Baby Love

And this wonderful lesser known song from The Rolling Stones. – the Prodigal Son 

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  1. As always, there are some fascinating pieces here, but should we get unduly alarmed about these odd laws against gay conversion therapy? With around one life per second lost to abortion, said to account for over 40% of human deaths globally, our money is surely on the wrong horse. People with unwanted SSA, seeking counsel or prayer, will find it covertly. Can the state really legislate against sexual choices, beyond the criminal ones? The choice to desist, from every immediate drive of sexual instinct, is something teenagers or young adults learn. It’s absurd for us to get heated up on GCT laws, when a lot of our churches rest quite close to abortion clinics. Tension with the gay community is undesirable, especially if we remember how heterosexual sex is behind the abortion genocide of our time.

    1. Yes States can and will legislate against sexual choices – it is that legislation that makes them criminal! Its unwise to set GCT laws against abortion laws as though they were opposite. Surely we can be concerned about both?

      1. Jesus sought the release of the lady caught in adultery. In contrast, harm to children, he said, deserved a millstone to be tied to the perpetrator, before being thrown into the depths of the sea. The Anglican Church family, of which I am a member, has lost its sense of perspective. Abortion is a heinous crime against humanity, using a violent act or toxic chemicals, against a defenceless human. Many churches mount no credible resistance to abortion, it never gets a mention from the pulpit, and denominational magazines completely run away from the subject. The fear of discussing abortion is so intense, that one question springs to mind: Has a preacher ever done a sermon series on the subject, to even see what the result would be? Plenty of people might wish to shut the mouths of preachers, on sexuality and identity issues. With abortion, they don’t even need to bother to do this. There often seems to be a broad and rigid consensus, not to trouble the waters on abortion, so that a voluntary silence is already fixed. It’s just cowardice at the end of the day, perhaps?

  2. As istated on another post, regarding tge Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has apparently developed an interest in Christianity in later life and attends church regularly because of the influence of his evangelical wife. (There are several web articles about this and how he has always had a general interest in the Bible.) From what I understand, Keith is a theist now but he is not yet a Christian. Let us all pray earnestly for Keith – and the other Rolling Stones and their associates and entourage – that they may come to saving faith before it is too late.

    1. I will pray for him. I was reading about Keith Richardsbecause I didn’t know all that much about him. It turns out he has French Huguenot ancestry too through his ancestors (Dupree family).

      That makes two Huguenot links on the one Quantum. I hope he returns to the faith of his ancestors before he dies. In a way, he is a prodigal son himself.

  3. I wish those in favour of abortion would be honest enough to admit that it’s nothing to do with “reproductive rights” or the “right to choose”. What they really care about is the right to have sex whenever, with whomever, with no consequences.

    As far as I know most human beings can’t move from one meaningless sexual encounter to another without it eventually taking an emotional and psychological toll. It’s probably only the worst narcissists and psychopaths who are immune to that. Unfortunately they appear to be the ones guiding a lot of the secular narrative these days.

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