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A.S.K in Korean

Perhaps only other authors will get this!  But this arrived last week..

It is A.S.K in Korean.   It is my second book in Korean – (The Dawkins Letters is the other one).   It’s not just having your book translated into another language that excites me – but rather that it is this language.  I love preaching in the Korean church here – and loved being in Korea.  I am fascinated by the history of the church in Korea and also its present condition.  It appears to my limited knowledge that it is at a crossroads – the secularisation and materialism that has hit the West is hitting the Korean church pretty badly.  We pray that the Lord would continue his incredible work in that wonderful land – and throughout the Korean diaspora throughout the world.  I believe the Koreans are key in several areas for the advance of the Gospel. Pray that this book will be of even a little help to our Korean brothers and sisters.  It is published by Yechan Press.

A.S.K 31 – How Would Jesus Respond to North Korea?



  1. I was in Central London some years back, staying with friends who had limited time for Church. A little distance from their home, there was an old Wesleyan meeting hall, which looked as if it had seen better times. The Sunday service was one of the most memorable I have ever attended. Two Korean brethren left a positive impact on me. The music, fellowship and worship, were inspiring. As someone, just new to faith, it brought life to Rev 7:9. The youthful congregation were all of Asian or African background, but it was the warmth and kindness of the Koreans which sticks more firmly in my mind.

  2. That’s great to see! I’ll have to send it to some of the young people that inspired some of the questions. (Maybe some English copies too so they improve their English.)

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