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Cafe Online 8 – Jesus’s Church

Screenshot 2020-07-29 06.17.52This weeks Cafe Online was with Phil Wheeler – head of Evangelism and New Churches for the Sydney Anglicans.   We looked at Jesus’s church.   We worship a living Lord who continues to act through his church today….the cafe begins around 11 minutes in….


Cafe Online 6 – The Trinity – with Glenn and Nalini Pather

A.S.K – Church, Salvation and Hypocrisy


  1. That’s interesting David with what you shared about being strongly opposed to the church then finding out the people were not as hypocritical as you thought. Just goes to show what the love and power of God can do.

    Yup I get it.

    Reminds me of a time when I was like that with a work colleague then a similar change happened to me. Then the boss at the time was with me as I had been with my work college, trying to make out that Christianity is stupid saying “look what happened to Jesus” my response was to say that this was what happend last time but it will be a different story next time round and the office erupted into laughter at the expense of the boss. I guess you could call that speaking the truth to power.

    And yes I’ve been a trouble maker ever since, as you know ;). Though some have been kind and said what I do is prophetic.

    Though I must at the same time share that I am not perfect. I am not without sin and therefore in need of salvation. I have been saved, I am being saved and I will be saved.

    And anyone in Christ is more than a conqueror over sin. The devil is no more than a lying, disrespecting bully. And underneath every bully is a coward. Since the only thing bullies understand is strength, stand up to him in the power of Christ and watch him flee with his tail between his legs.

    And know the joy of the Lord being your strength, including comedic moments at the expense of those in power. Our battle is not against flesh but against rulers and authorities in this dark world and spiritual forces in the heavenly realms :).

  2. With respect to your reply, Adam…it goes without saying that you are so called ‘Not perfect””and of course none of us are, so why did you ever have to mention that truism in the the first place..?

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