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Love in Wartime

This is the second of the Third Space podcasts on the Eternity Network.

Can I encourage you to have a listen, pass on and subscribe.  What we are trying to do in this is think about how to live the Christian life in the midst of this ‘war’ crisis situation.  This week we look at the idea of love and compassion.  Does this crisis show the best or the worst in the human heart?

Continuing their ‘Life In Wartime’ series, David Robertson and Steve McAlpine look to the topic of love. Can it survive a pandemic?

The early days of the Corona outbreak saw news services filled with heart-swelling stories about people passing out toilet rolls and caring for the elderly. Yet as time has gone on, darker stories have emerged that point more to the spread of utilitarian thinking.

Steve dives into the controversy and suggests that the true power of a pandemic is not to provide us opportunities to be different, but to reveal the real state of our hearts.

Life in Wartime

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