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No laughing matter: there’s something greater at stake than the arrest of Rodney Howard-Browne

This weeks Christian Today column – You can read it here – it was a slightly edited version of what I wrote below (spot the differences!)

No laughing matter: there’s something greater at stake than the arrest of Rodney Howard-Browne

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne
Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne is leader of Revival International Ministries and River at Tampa Bay Church in Tampa, Florida(Photo: Facebook/River at Tampa Bay Church)

I don’t think the state should be able to close churches. And I shudder at the thought of a pastor in the United States being arrested because he refused to shut his church.

Rodney Howard-Browne, the leader of Revival International Ministries and the River church in Tampa, Florida, is such a man. He was arrested for violating a ‘safer at home’ order, which bans large worship gatherings during the current Covid 19 pandemic.

The Apostle of Laughter

Howard-Browne is perhaps better known as the instigator of the ‘Toronto blessing’ and its particular emphasis on ‘holy laughter’. He even has the self-designation of being ‘The Holy Ghost bartender’.

At first, the news of his arrest made me despair. “Oh no, not another embarrassing ‘evangelical’, making a mockery of the Gospel and causing the name of Christ to be blasphemed amongst the Gentiles!” It was bad enough having to cope with Kenneth Copeland pronouncing that he had driven coronavirus out of the US.

But I thought, maybe that’s not fair? Maybe, as some of my Christian friends will argue, we should not ‘judge’ a Christian brother or sister? Maybe, instead of believing what the ‘MSM’ say about Rodney Howard-Browne, I should find out for myself and give him a fair hearing?

And so, in splendid social isolation, yours truly sat down to watch several hours of Rodney talking about ‘the End of Days’.

The End of Days?

When we are dealing with such a serious subject it was surprising just how trivial and shallow the whole show was. Covid-19, the Word of God, death and eternity were all turned into entertainment. For example, the idea that using the term ‘testicles’ when questioning those who were not prepared to defy the government is somehow ‘daring’, was something you might expect of a 13-year-old teenage boy, not a mature preacher of God’s word.

I tend to think that a preacher of God’s word should, well, you know, preach God’s word. But instead we got a mish mash of political statements, conspiracy theories (‘it’s the Rockefeller foundation) and in house, home spun jokes mocking any who disagree. “CNN and the media need the toilet roll’. His language was, I believe, blasphemous – using the name of God as an exclamation/swear word rather than a prayer to the Almighty. The last thing God’s name is in this circus is ‘holy’.

Like a poor stand-up comedian, he joked callously about those who are afraid of death. It was chilling to hear a preacher in the name of Christ questioning whether anyone was really infected on the basis that he didn’t know any and then suggesting that it was only Hollywood stars and politicians. In other words it’s all a conspiracy.

Just as bad was his advice to the people that they should judge by their heart (despite the Bible telling us that our hearts are desperately wicked and deceitful above all things), and by what God is telling people – by which he does not mean the Bible but rather what God is telling him.

The Word of God?

Jesus and the Bible hardly got a look-in. The Word of God is reduced to what the Lord allegedly told Howard-Browne, which he is then passing on. Forget the Bible. Forget the words of Christ. Rodney apparently has a direct word. A fire came into the room and hit his belly.

“I’m just telling you what God told me – hype doesn’t last that long but the Word of the Lord shall stand. Either God still speaks to his people or he doesn’t.”

“I asked the Lord what he thought about it (Covid 19) and He said that He wasn’t worried about it.”

What a strange view of God Rodney has. The Bible already tells us that the Almighty God is not ‘worried’ about anything – as though it surprises Him or defeats Him.

Continue listening and you’ll find out that apparently if you take communion, at least in Rodney’s church, you won’t get Covid-19. The Lord said “Every Sunday morning close the service with communion and that will protect my people”. But you don’t have to take communion – you can go somewhere else and eat chicken (cue roars of laughter). And God ‘told’ Rodney that He is sifting his people through their reaction to this crisis, with the implication being that the wheat will defy the authorities, the chaff will close their Sunday meetings (although he has now finally decided to suspend services, it seems).

We even know how long this is going to last, because God told Rodney this was the End of the World (hence the title of his sermon series) – “within three years, maximum seven”.

Again I wondered why the Lord was so vague…didn’t He know? Or is Rodney not due to retire for seven years?

In terms of eternity, those hours spent watching this torturous, embarrassing, banal and blasphemous drivel are nothing – in terms of my life they are hours I will never get back and I hope you appreciate me taking a bullet for the team! It was truly awful (not awe-ful).

Going Against the Bible

But I believe Howard-Browne is going against Christ and his Word in at least three ways. Firstly, it is a direct contradiction of Romans 13:1-2, where we are exhorted to be “subject to the governing authorities” – which have been established by God. Secondly, as Christians we are obliged to love our neighbours – gathering in a large group and possibly being the cause of spreading a virus that kills people can in no circumstances be considered loving.

Thirdly, Howard-Browne is not only rebelling against the Bible, disobeying Christ and being an appalling ‘witness’, he is attacking the precious Bride of Christ, the Church. Just as Covid-19 is a serious threat to the health of the nations, Howard-Browne’s teaching is a virus that seriously threatens the health of the Church. He boasted that he had visited 10 cities in Australia and 40-plus in Europe. May the Lord preserve us from our own stupidity in funding and supporting this nonsense! The teaching as described above is poisonous and harmful – in many ways.

Some Christians still want to rather weakly say, ‘well I don’t agree with his teaching but we shouldn’t publicly go against a ‘brother in Christ’.’ The Bible says differently. “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?” (1 Corinthians 5:12).

When a preacher is undermining the Church by his words and actions, and endangering the lives and souls of those within and without, it is incumbent on others who are teachers in the Church (the pillar and ground of the truth), to point out their error and as strongly as possible warn about the harm they cause.

Rodney Howard-Browne deserved to be arrested, not because of his appalling teaching about God – that is for the Church to deal with – but because of his blatant disregard for the law of the land and his endangering of human life. There may have been jokes a plenty in his sermon, but it’s no laughing matter.

David Robertson is director of Third Space in Sydney and blogs at


  1. Thanks David for taking the bullet for us to warn us so cogently against this man’s nonsensical preaching.
    Sadly it was some sectarian church group in Wuhan that kept meeting together and caused so many transmissions of COVID-19, was it not?

    1. I think that may have been in Korea where the “pastor” claimed to be the Messiah. His church became one of the first cells of Coronavirus outside of China. Theology does matter.

      1. So it was a Bob. Thanks for reminding us of that important detail.

    2. There is a saying ‘Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.’ When a government becomes tyrannical and dangerous to the well being of its people, do Christians stand up or bow down to its evil dictates? When Hitler took complete control of Germany and was determined to destroy the Jews and many other people groups, was
      Romans 13:1-7 valid.
      I’m not here to defend Rodney Howard Brown or any other so called Lunatic. But I ask myself the question:
      Do we stand up and fight for the rights of the unborn. Do we stand up for the sanctity of marriage. Do we stand up and defend our children against perversity in our schools.
      Do we stand up against vaccination of our young adults and children against vaccines that have still have not been proven safe.
      Or do we blindly follow our government rules as though they are Gods earthly representatives even if it contradicts his word. There have been many recorded deaths and other serious health issues as a result of these vaccines, and yet the church not only encourages there people to be vaccinated but turns it’s churches into vaccination centres. Now it endorses same sex marriages and blessed there unions at the altar.
      I’m glad the wee flea has flown to Australia

  2. If the report is true about him holding large gatherings in his church in defiance of public health and safety then he should be arrested – period.

  3. I don’t know much about RHB other than he is a fellow South African, and I have not listened to his sermons, but my issue is that your obvious dislike of him and his preaching style seems to have blinded you to the reality that what we have at present is a shameful media induced hysteria that is removing our liberties and leading the world to economic ruin. ’You state ‘gathering in a large group and possibly being the cause of spreading a virus that kills people can in no circumstances be considered loving.’ Are we now forever going to forgo gathering in large groups for fear of viruses that could kill people? Sorry, but that is not Christian or sensible. You state ‘Just as Covid-19 is a serious threat to the health of the nations’ Honestly you need another perspective. As Will Jones writes in this article, and his other posts on this issue ‘many virologists, immunologists and epidemiologists around the world have said they think the death rate from Covid-19 is of the order of 0.1 per cent, which is the same as flu. Now one of the world’s leading virologists and influenza specialists, Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University London, has added his voice, saying: ‘Personally, I would say the best advice is to spend less time watching TV news which is sensational and not very good. Personally, I view this Covid outbreak as akin to a bad winter influenza epidemic. In this case we have had 8000 deaths this last year in the ‘at risk’ groups viz over 65 people with heart disease etc. I do not feel this current Covid will exceed this number. We are suffering from a media epidemic!’
    The ‘save lives at all costs’ mantra is nonsense – cancer killed 80 000 people in the US last year, with smoking being a major cause, but they don’t ban smoking. Nor did they enforce social distancing to try to save the 50 000 odd who died of flu and pneumonia. 650 000 people died worldwide from flu and pneumonia in the previous season – where were the face masks, hand sanitisers and lockdowns?
    As another commentator has stated ‘Isolating just the old folk would probably work fine to “flatten the curve” without flattening the economy, although many old people are lonely as it is, so it might make life hardly worth living for them, as it probably is doing now in many cases. Given that they might only have a few years or even months to live anyway, virus or no virus, why not allow them to spend the twilight of their lives with their loved ones, using all the precautions like masks, hand-washing etc. So no-ones prepared to be the adult in the room and do what’s best for all concerned, for fear of being called a heartless monster, mostly by those on the left. While affirming the sanctity of life, we should not place a premium on extending human life for a few years at all costs.
    Hebrews 13:14 (KJV) states
    ‘For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.’

    As my brother wrote to me yesterday ‘God is in control and that’s a great comfort to us, but to those who don’t believe there really isn’t much comfort to be had, especially not from government, who are busy dismantling the economy. I was just thinking this evening that a Christian worldview, while affirming the sanctity of life, should not place a premium on extending human life for a few years at all costs. After the flood God reduced our lifespan from 120 years to 70 for the average person and 80 for the rugged mountain men, but lately modern medical science has been trying to reverse that decree. Nothing wrong with long life – God even promises it to the righteous, but it’s at His behest.’

    1. It’s unwise to comment on a post and make judgements on the motive of the person who wrote it, before then going on to talk about something the post is not about. My article was not based on personal dislike of Rodney Howard Browne ad his preaching style. Its cheap and degrading of you to state so. I made it perfectly clear in the article that I took several hours to listen to what he was actually saying – I wish you had taken the same time to read the various posts I have made on the Covid 19 issue then you would have realised that your comments about the Covid 19 issue were not only irrelevant to the article but are something that I myself have said. Althouth I cannot share your certainty (I’m not an expert and don’t know – and its all too easy to get ‘experts’ who agree with whatever point of view we may have). I also think as a Christian you should avoid presenting arguments which the person you are arguing against is not making. Next time please be more careful before you respond – so that you can make sure you are responding to what is being said, not what is not being said.

      My daughter is a Coronavirus nurse currently at the heart of the epidemic in London – her life is in danger because of continual exposure to the virus. She assures me that this is not just a bad flu and they are expecting thousands of premature deaths. (as do virtually all the medics I know). Your remarks that this is just an other influenza is as extreme and ignorant as those who view COvid 19 as the Black Death. You ignore the potential overwhelming of the health service and the death rates in many countries. You speak with such certainty. But it comes across as callous, arrogant, unthinking and a reflection of your politics rather than your Christianity. You know what it is to be ‘the adult in the room’ and you know ‘what is best for all unconcerned’. I would suggest a more humble approach would be a little more helpful. You may well end up being right – but at this stage none of us know.

      1. ‘My article was not based on personal dislike of Rodney Howard Browne ad (and) his preaching style.’

        ‘In terms of eternity, those hours spent watching this torturous, embarrassing, banal and blasphemous drivel are nothing – in terms of my life they are hours I will never get back and I hope you appreciate me taking a bullet for the team!’
        ‘Howard-Browne’s teaching is a virus that seriously threatens the health of the Church.’
        “His language was, I believe, blasphemous – using the name of God as an exclamation/swear word rather than a prayer to the Almighty. The last thing God’s name is in this circus is ‘holy’.
        Like a poor stand-up comedian, he joked callously etc etc
        This kind of indicates you don’t like him or his preaching style – In truth It isn’t actually my preference either – I spent twelve years as a worship musician in a Pentecostal church, so I am familiar with the style.

        You sum up with ‘Rodney Howard-Browne deserved to be arrested, not because of his appalling teaching about God – that is for the Church to deal with – but because of his blatant disregard for the law of the land and his endangering of human life.’
        Well the supreme law of the land in the U.S. is the Constitution and any federal laws and treaties based upon it. The First Amendment specifically and explicitly protects religious liberty:

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        Whether or not the government also unconstitutionally prohibits commerce from taking place doesn’t make church closures any more constitutional. Church is not commerce. Church services, as all religious observances, are constitutionally protected.

        As far as the ‘endangering human life’ bit is concerned, I’ve made my points, and I am with Dr John Lee, and Will Jones and his many reputable sources on that

        As far as my politics are concerned, that you seem to have taken umbrage with, here’s something from your adoptive country that relates to that, although it’s possible you might not like the source
        and related from the US ff_source=push&ff_medium=westernjournalism&ff_campaign=pushtraffic&ff_content=2020-04-06
        Karen Kataline sums it up, ‘As the virus of tyranny continues to spread through our nation(s), it is essential that we take care of our liberties as well as our health. If we don’t, we will lose both.’

        Your context in first world Australia is very different from other parts of the world, with your Christian PM, and a conservative responsible Western government that ensures the country is run properly. Here in South Africa, with crippling unemployment we are now saddled with a corrupt, criminal, inept regime with communistic ambitions, that has wrecked the economy, and now enforces an extreme lockdown in typical brutal fashion – more people have been killed by the security forces enforcing the lockdown than have died from the ‘pandemic’. This is now increasingly the third world, where you will not have comprehensive social security etc- here people will and do starve.

        Finally, what your daughter is doing is obviously selfless and commendable, but projections have, and modelling etc has been very wrong in the past (SARS, MERS).
        As far as the being callous, arrogant, unthinking bit is concerned – I understand, I also become defensive at times when my views are challenged or questioned.
        I’m done.

      2. Again my article was not based around personal dislike of Rodney Browne or his preaching style. It was based on his misuse of the Word of God and his endangering his congregation’s and others lives. I don’t care about you challenging my views…but you have to understand that not all challenges are either accepted or right…

  4. Basically it’s all down to not knowing the meaning of the fifth commandment unfortunately.
    I’m guessing only the reformed get this – as most non reformed will say “what has mothers & fathers got to do with the virus/government – ah we honour our parents by keeping them safe?” – partially true
    No we honour the government (our fathers in the secular realm) by obeying their rules full stop. It is only when the government goes beyond their duty to physically protect the church visible (which it is simply not going beyond at the moment) that we have any such right to not follow the governmental rule of law.
    We must humble ourselves before the government – even if we believe their actions and laws are poor. We must submit to the law.
    We just hate this language of humbling and submitting – duty and responsibility. Its the 5th Commandment

  5. Full marks David for your valiant effort to do the research on this charlatan. Not many of us would give him such a hearing.

    However, as Christians should we not be Watchmen? Not a word on here about the serious biblical significance of the coming collapse of the current world system and the bankruptcy of probably every country? Maybe its in another blog, but does it cross your mind that the Secretary General of the UN’s solution last week might, just possibly, line up with Bible prophecy? The UN expects to step in with a world government at the end of this pandemic. The frantic shuttle diplomacy of the Pope this year in setting up pacts with other religions, including paganism sounds pretty much like the one world final religion. The EU has no possibility of surviving in its present form giving a real likelihood of the ten-nation revived Roman Empire headed up by the Beast/Anti-Christ and false prophet of Daniel and Revelation. Add the natural disasters, wars and rumours of wars and the falling away of most of the church to seventy odd years of the re-born nation of Israel with a peace treaty tantalisingly on the table and we have before us the closest fulfilment of prophecy imaginable.

    With desperation abounding the fields are white unto harvest and surely we should be earnestly telling Bible truth to the world, not falling into the political and media narrative that elevates our wonderful NHS (yes we are indeed right to be grateful) to the status of a God and harbouring a completely false hope that all will return to normal in a few weeks or months?

    Before this ‘unprecedented’ crisis the world financial situation was on a knife edge that just one black swan event would have pushed us over. Now, the solution will be to retain all the capitalist businesses that are being bailed out and for the one world system to own all the homes that will have had our mortgages paid by central banks. They will have the perfect conditions to declare a Jubilee where all debt is cancelled and implement the NWO universal basic income, digital currency and embedded RFID chips that ‘they’ have been planning for their ultimate dictatorship.

    If this is not the time for this Revelation to resound over the whole earth, please, please answer this?

    If not now, when?

    If not us (the church) who?

    Should we not be telling a lost world that this means Jesus’s return may well be imminent, with all the exhortation we can muster, to “…
    show mercy to[a] those whose faith is wavering. Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Show mercy to still others, but do so with great caution, hating the sins that contaminate their lives”. Jude 22-23.

    1. Thanks Jude – but no I don’t think these current events are a specific fulfillment of biblical prophecy. All throughout history some Christians have seen specific events in their time as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. In my life time I have seen the fall of the Berlin wall, the rise of the EU, Saddam Hussein, 9/11, Obama, the Internet, Cheryobel all given as certain evidence of the End Times….al such prophecies proved false.

  6. The government (the British government in my case) asking Christians of all denominations to stop meeting together until further notice was a big ask. By and large, the consensus amongst the Christians I know, was a reluctant “o-k-a-y” and I don’t know of a single church in the whole of the UK that is still open for business-as-usual.

    The rationale was impeccable. A public health emergency. If the request to stop God’s work had merely been local and temporary, there would have been precious little misgivings amongst the faithful, I dare say. But, as it is, the request was global, not local, and for the foreseeable future -not that the future is ordinarily ever foreseeable, mind you.

    There was never a synod to discuss whether this was an Acts 4:19 situation: “Peter and John replied, “Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges!” There is now even legislation in place that criminalises two or three gathering together in Jesus’ name, so that he might be in the midst.

    The secular state and the church remain largely separate. But during the past few weeks, the state – by some accounts a fledgling global governance superstate ruled by the UN through its World Health Organisation – has got Christ’s church in a stranglehold, from which there is no escape, even if the COVID-19 scare turns out to be a hoax in the minds of all right-thinking people.

    That is not to say that I admire. The target of your particular rebellion. He could be controlled opposition, for all I know, which is, I admit, very little, because, as far as I can tell, even our Prime Minister knows very little about what he’s gotten into, by toeing the international party line, against which he was at first minded to rebel.

    1. What is wrong with churches meeting online? My church is still meeting through electronic media and our prayer life is if anything increased.

      1. Nothing wrong with having online meetings – but they are not church meetings…. I am not capable of measuring prayer life!

    2. “Even if the COVID-19 scare turns out to be a hoax in the minds of all right-thinking people.”

      COVID-19 is just a “scare”? Could turn out to be a “hoax”?

      Explain how this virus could now turn out to be just a “scare” – a “hoax”?

      I’m all ears.

  7. With the mainstream media finding nothing but fault with Christians and the church, it was refreshing to see an interview on One America News that treats Christians with respect, and I mention it here because it was about the COVID-19 situation and made reference to Howard-Browne.
    You can watch it here.

  8. Ok so God was being a persecutor of His people and was curtailing their religious freedoms by legislating and enforcing isolation laws (in the Mosaic law) whereby any people who might be carriers or spreaders of infectious and communicable diseases were commanded to isolate until the threat was past. Brown makes the claim that God promises healing and protection to those who “have enough faith” to but God was just as much a healer of His people in Moses day than He is now (see Exodus 15:25-26) AND YET AT THE SAME TIME GOD STILL LEGISLATED AND ENFORCED ISOLATION LAWS REGARDING COMMUNICABLE DISEASES!!!
    Somebody needs to tell Rodney Brown TO READ HIS BIBLE!
    Not only that but Brown and his “zealots without knowledge“ church needs to love their neighbour as themselves and stop frightening them and putting them at risk and if he doesn’t obey Scripture then may God and God’s ordained government officials lock him up!

    1. Yes, the individuals were isolated but the tabernacle no doubt continued to operate in worship to God!

  9. RHB’s statement sheds more light on things

    Apparently churches have now been recognised as essential in Florida with no restrictions. Texas and Indiana too.
    I’m coming round to the idea that the non-vulnerable under 45s should be permitted to assemble with basic distancing. RHB seems to have not acted irresponsibly, gone out of his way to ensure max safety, even if you/we disagree with his stance.

    I cannot comment in detail on his theology or financial practices as I’ve not listened in years but I think his basic theology would be evangelical with bolt ons like the charismatic and ‘prosperity’. I may disagree with the latter but is it really as strong as heresy? Maybe serious error. But we are all prone to some error. Call out the error but the man acknowledges Jesus as Lord and God I think.
    I personally was very blessed by the Toronto blessing and the joy. I saw several people deeply healed by the laughter. One woman in our church didn’t laugh at first but went down to the floor in a deep faint, stayed there for an hour and her testimony later was that the Bible had become ‘technicolour’ for her and she couldn’t stop reading it. How very devilish – not. Her husband said that he had a new wife – in a good way! The Word has a lot to say about joy, Belly-aching laughter may be one manifestation. Why not? Sobbing tears can be of God – why not laughter? God’s ‘order’ may be v different from ours – much disorder accompanied Jesus. Strange experiences abound in the Bible. We can stand in an ‘orderly’ way Sunday after Sunday with sin rampant within or hurts or depression, maybe God seeks to break in and bring His order in ways we may deem drunk and disorderly?

    1. Yes – the prosperity ‘gospel’ is from the pit of Hell….heresy is mild…

      It is of course hard to argue against someone’s experience….but ‘belly aching laughter’ as a manifestation of joy is not really biblical…~I of course agree with the rest of your post…

      1. Well I understand your stance re prosperity if I think it a bit over-egged. To set a hare running which no doubt you won’t chase… was John Stott a heretic for espousing annihilationism? Women in leadership right or wrong? I regard error as different from heresy. In one sense all error is demonic – ours too! I see RHB as a brother in Christ with strengths and weaknesses. He has now been found acting lawfully.
        I don’t seek to reproach you as I regard you as true soldier of Christ.
        Such laughter not biblical? I think we may have cultural sun glasses on. I can’t see why ‘joy unspeakable’ doesn’t encompass the full range of expression of human emotion which God created us to have. The Word instructs us to be open to experience deep emotion in response to the Spirit and His revelation of truth. Or a lightness and gladness – ‘Him serve with mirth’! Even in response to the sense and manifestation of His presence. Revival is often this, being stirred deeply by the old truths. But some regard this as mere emotionalism and shut out something God may wish to bring.

      2. Annihilationism (the view that at some point the existence of the wicked ceases), and the role of women in leadership is not heresy. Using the Gospel to exploit people and make yourself rich – is. Could you tell me where you got the information that he has now been found to be acting lawfully?

        I did not say that laughter was not biblical….I said that the definition of ‘joy’ as being rolling in laughter is not biblical. Serving God with mirth is not hysteria.

      3. Florida governor rescinds initial order, now recognises services as essential gatherings. for a more hostile take.
        Matters of opinion as I would regard annihilationism as serious error, closer to heresy, as a direct contravention of Jesus’ teaching and the great majority of church tradition. I think that the softer forms of prosperity where people believe the gospel should release 100% healing and an end to poverty are generally just errors where they think passages like Is 53 etc teach it. The extremes of financial manipulation, opulence, endless how to get rich messages etc are deplorable of course and should be condemned.
        The laughter was no more hysteria than scenes described in revival situations that lead to real change in many. People hanging onto the columns shouting out for fear of Hell during Jon Edwards sermon in 1st Great Awakening could be and was described as hysteria too. But actually it’s appropriate!
        Whitefield’s preaching led to much swooning, screaming, convulsions and was melodramatic yet he was mightily used of God and a Calvinist to boot. The fruit of godly change is what counts and generally I saw it as good. I think we all have a suspicion of emotion and perhaps exalt the cerebral as a means of deep change too much.
        So we differ.
        Again thank you for your courageous stand on many issues.

  10. The pandemic and the almost certain collapse of the current nations are seen even by the UN as needing them to step in with a worldwide currency and world government. The scene is set for multiple fulfillments of Daniel and Revelation.

    It’s inconceivable that this will not end in NWO. Everything was bankrupt before this and wickedness is increasing exponentially along with the other signs of the end:

    Many respected Christian Watchmen give very good scriptural reasons for this time truly being the end-game.

  11. Daniel 1:8
    But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.

    You wear a mask.
    You take a vaccine.
    Ichabod To The Laodicean satanic 501C3 Church that perverts Acts 2:42-47 into a building on sunday.
    Wake-up Ostriches
    Wake-up Foolish Galatians
    Wake-up Carnal Babylonian Christians

    The right of conscience shall be held inviolable; and neither the legislative, executive nor judicial powers of the United States, shall have authority to alter, abrogate, or infringe any part of the constitution of the several states, which provide for the preservation of liberty in matters of religion.

    25 yr. CDL A XP TWIC
    I worked 5 months in septic & sewers March 20 to July 20 Maskless. Nobody in Waste Treatment wore a mask. We did not get sick. We did not die. Since then, I have been twice arrested and twice Baker Acted for no mask/Vaccine. Over two years later, I Remain Maskless & Unvaccinated.

    My life is over & this world is dead.
    Unemployed since July 22, 2020.
    Twice arrested and twice Baker Acted for no mask/Vaccine.
    Lived in a tent.
    Wilderness journey from Florida to Wyoming to Florida to Tennessee to Mississippi to Tennessee.
    Rode a bicycle from TN to MS 537miles
    Revelation 13 Beast System
    COVID: Certification Of Vaccination Identification

    1. Shawn, you are commenting on a blog post dated 5th April 2020, when lockdown was still promised to last only three weeks in the UK. David Robertson had not taken a vaccine then. There weren’t any vaccines. I was surprised when David did take a vaccine, eventually. The masses didn’t start wearing masks in the UK until much later than that, and I don’t suppose they did in Australia either.

      Some of us had foresight even as long ago as when David’s post was written. Others lack even hindsight, right up to the present day. I think its fair to say that David isn’t at either end of this spectrum, but somewhere in the middle.

      I am sorry that you have lost so much, due to persecution for following your conscience.

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