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Quantum 83 – Drag Queens; David Steele; Tyson Fury; Maya Forstater; Sex ‘work’; Domestic Violence; Harry Miller; Woke Novels; The Great Escape ; Hagi Sofia

This weeks Quantum…

Drag Queen condemns having drag queens in schools.

2) David Steele admits he covered up Paedophile abuse –

3) Tyson Fury gives thanks to Jesus and prizemoney to the poor  –

4) Maya Forstater – challenges the Establishment.

5) Dawn Butler advocates sex work.

6) Harry Miller reveals the truth about his police interview  –

7) Domestic violence cannot be excused   –
8) The BBC wants Woke Novels –

8) The Great Escape –

9) The Music of Hagi Sofia –


Quantum 82 – Rees Mogg; Boy Scouts; Burkina Faso; Portuguese Euthanasia; Eugenics; Cardinal Zen; The Episcopal Church in US; Zuckerberg and Peterson

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  1. What a wonderful title: ‘Pride and Prejudice’. An absolute gift for a BBC remake. Pardon my use of names but I’ve never read any books written by Jane Austen so I have no idea what the names were she used in the book.
    Samantha comes out of the closet to be greeted by massive amounts of prejudice.
    Paul finally admits that he is a woman in a man’s body and becomes Paula.
    Jessica is made pregnant by a loathsome clergyman and seeks an abortion. The horrid reality of a nineteenth century abortion makes us all aware of the need for ‘safe’ abortions.
    Anthony suffers from a long-term illness and seeks help to end his life. We are left in no doubt that providing this help is the ‘caring’ thing to do.
    At the end of the book all the LGBT community in Great Austendom stage a procession through the town in which they display great pride in their sexuality. Samantha and Paula are finally made to feel that they are accepted for what they are. And because books have to have happy endings, Samantha and Paula get ‘married’. And, because Paula still has his genitals Samantha and Paula soon have a child.
    In an epilogue ‘Jane Austen’ appears and declares that this is the story she really wanted to write and fullsomely thanks the BBC for bringing it to life.

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