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Quantum 82 – Rees Mogg; Boy Scouts; Burkina Faso; Portuguese Euthanasia; Eugenics; Cardinal Zen; The Episcopal Church in US; Zuckerberg and Peterson

This weeks Quantum  – your weekly world news and views from a Christin perspective

1) Apology for Wuhan Doctor….

Some singing from Korea

2) Jacon Rees Moog

3) Boy Scouts Bankrupt

4) Burkina Faso

5) Portuguese Euthanasia

6) Eugenics.

7) The Chinese Church – Cardinal Zen

8) The Episcopal Church in the US will cease to have any worshippers in 2050..

9) Mark Zuckerberg –

10) Jordan Peterson –

And some music I came across in Sydney to end:

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  1. David, I do enjoy listening to the Quantum each week so am posting this request, a second time, that you read and record your own books and launch them on Audible. I don’t get much time to read but I do get time to listen, so most of my book ‘absorption’ is done using audible books. I’m sure many others would be blessed by this medium so I do hope you’re able to make the time to do this sometime soon.

  2. I love listening to your podcast and reading your articles! Thank you so much for the insights that you give. Just a slight correction from last podcast- that final music is by J.S. Bach rather than Beethoven. 🙂

  3. You say that the Guardian left out that eugenics was extremely popular among progressives. True. What they also left out was that eugenics was popular among evolutionists, because evolution justifies it. And indeed the Eugenics Society was founded by Charles Darwin’s cousin Galton and later led by Charles’ son Leonard, with three more of his sons among its leading members. Hitler was an evolutionist (atheist evolutionist Sir Arthur Keith was anti-Nazi, but said “The German Führer, as I have consistently maintained, is an evolutionist; he has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.”), so it’s natural that he would be a eugenecist. And so it’s not surprising that Dawkins is sympathetic to it. In America it was all the rage too, and over 60,000 Americans were forcibly sterilised so that they couldn’t breed.

    But of course with evolution being as popular as ever, they wouldn’t want to mention that, either.

    1. You might as well say “But of course with the tides being as popular as ever”.

      Can you point to the reference you have where Dawkins indicates that he is “sympathetic” to eugenics?

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