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Ask Any Bible Question – Your Call – Premier Christian Radio

Last week I was on  Your Call – Bible Questions on Premier Christian Radio….you can hear the programme by clicking this link – https://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Weekday/Your-Call/Episodes/Your-Call1306

(Note that the few minutes are the end of Michael Yousseffs programme and a couple of adverts – because they were having difficulty connecting – but when we got going there were some cracking questions!  The programme starts about 7.30 minutes in – note also that I have no forewarning of the questions so these are immediate rather than considered responses!)


The questions included….what right do we have to say Jesus is the only way?  Does the Holy Spirit replace our spirits?   Do we need to go into the past and confess all our sins in order to be healed?   What about approaching God as judge in heaven so he can cleanse our ancestral spirits?  Did Jesus preach to the souls in Hell?  Do angels see God? Is Matthew 25 just for Christians?  What does Jesus mean by this kind does not come out except by fasting and prayer?  What about the lottery?  How do you share Jesus? Is it ok to take communion?


Ask Any Bible Question – Premier Christian Radio – July 2019


  1. Is the Pope a contender for being The Anti Christ, also is Roman Catholic Church the false Apostate Church mentioned in the Bible?

  2. David, I’m not sure why you keep saying that all the bushfires are out because of rain that you asked people to pray for. There are still bushfires burning; contained, yes, but please give people in the UK accurate information about the situation.

    1. I just stated what the NSW fire service stated…that all the fires are either out or under control. That is accurate information. Don’t be so pedantic. There will always be bushfires here.

      1. David, is it pedantic to point out that you did NOT say that fires were under control? You said ‘the rains have come, the fires are out’

        The following is from the VicEmergency website:
        ‘Community Information – Bushfire Issued Last Wednesday at 6:32 PM.
        This message is being issued for Far East Gippsland Communities – from Orbost to Mallacoota and north to NSW Border.

        There is still smouldering fire in several areas including the Bendoc area. Infrared technology is continuing to be used to identity hot spots that will then be managed by ground crews.
        Rain and cooler weather continue to suppress fire behaviour across Far East Gippsland. The rain has limited crew access onto the fire ground.
        The rain can increase the risk of landslides and flash flooding within the fire area.
        The safety of the community, emergency services staff and volunteers is the highest priority.
        i guess there is accurate information and then there is accurate information??

      2. David, when you talked about the fires in the Premier Radio broadcast at around the 26 minute mark you said ‘Australia’ with no mention of NSW. Again, why are you giving inaccurate information to your UK listeners?

      3. In that case apologies…I was speaking about NSW….it was a live broadcast on another subject. All the fires in the whole of Australia are not out. They never are in the bushfire season…

      4. Hi David, Thankful to God that, yes, he did send rain. And that he has shown his goodness and grace in the commitment of the firies and community support for people affected by the fires. Praying too for the ongoing work, restoration and healing.

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