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Candid – Interview with Jonathan Youssef

I had the privilege of doing an interview with Jonathan Youssef (son of Michael Youssef) in the US.  You can listen to the original here….

We discussed the questions that young people ask….

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You can hear the interview here –


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  1. David, this is a wonderful interview—with someone’s son who I hold with deep respect.

    Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s when I was in college, my church ( one I have mentioned to you before, the Episcopal Cathedral of The Cathedral of St Philip in Atlanta) had taken on
    what I thought was a new priest.
    It turned out he was continuing his seminary education and was serving our church during his time in school.

    I was close with most of the priests, as the Dean of the Chruch was my godfather, and the “canons” I had known since being active in our EYC in high school.
    I knew all of them but this new “priest.”

    One weekend when home from school, I had the opportunity of hearing this new priest.
    He was marvelous—
    Eloquent, warm and captivating.
    At the time, the typical communicant at the Cathedral was usually a bit older and more upper crust–not all members mind you, but a good many given its location in the city.

    I was so taken by this new priest’s candor–his honesty, his obvious love of Christ… and it was obvious to me that he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

    My godparents (the Dean and his wife) were very active in the Catholic / Episcoplain Charismatic movement and this put them at odds with many of the old staunch church members who were not keen on anything to do with the Charismatic movement.

    But this priest was so open about his relationship with Jesus and spoke in a fashion that
    was so personal and intimate– something I found so pure and refreshing for this Chruch I loved so much.

    He was born in Egypt where he learned about Christ and eventually embraced Christianity.
    His name, Michael Youssef.

    I later learned he was serving at the Cathedral while attending The Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

    He eventually left the Episcopal fold he had been serving and began his own church, the Chruch of the Apostles in Atlanta. My godmother loved it as she said it was quite the wake-up call for Cathedral as many long-time members left to join him.

    Had I stayed in Atlanta after graduating from college, I would have migrated as well.

    I am so happy to see that one of his sons is following his father’s path of sharing the faith–
    all with the same love and openness and exuberance that his father offered to me 40 years ago.

    Thank you for sharing this David

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