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An Alarming Letter – The End of Democracy?

Every politician in the West and every newspaper is going to pay at least lip service to the idea of democracy – and how democracy needs to be defended from facism, religious extremism (that’s usually code for Islamism) and communism.  The latter is somewhat appealing to some in the corporations because of its Chinese manifestation – which manages to combine government control with corporate capitalism.

However perhaps the threat to Western Liberal democracies comes not from without, but from within?  There are signs of that in different ways – the intolerance of those who claim to be acting in the name of tolerance; the threats to free speech; corporate censorship, schools being used for social engineering and the turning of universities into monoversities where only one point of view is permitted.   And there is the growing belief amongst the elites that they, and they alone, should be permitted to govern and make decisions on behalf of the rest of us.  They are after all the ‘experts’, the ‘educated’ (indoctrinated?) and they should surely as such, have more say than the plebes –  for ‘the good of society’.

downloadThey believe in democracy but only in the way that dictators do.  You have plebiscites – where ordinary people vote – but only when you are sure of the results and the issue has been pre-determined.   This is seen also in the kind of ‘consultations’ that for example the Scottish government has.  The words are deceitful – they are not ‘consulting’ in order to determine whether something should be done or not – they are consulting in the sense that they are telling the relevant stakeholders what has already been determined.

After the Brexit vote some of the Guardianistas even suggested that some people should not be allowed to vote – or that their vote should count less – like the elderly.   At the other extreme there have even been those who suggest that six year olds should be allowed to vote (after all they are far easier to influence).

When you have the Liberal Democracts applauding the return of Empire, the Scottish Nationalists wanting to remove those who don’t ‘share our values’, the EU removing Christianity from its constitution and history, the progressive Left defending the Islamofascism of Iran and other theocratic states – you know that something is going on.

This tendency towards technocracy or meritocracy rather than democracy was demonstrated in a letter in yesterdays’ Sydney Morning Herald .  This was headlined –

The Revolution starts here, now. 

“I think it’s time for a benevolent dictatorship  Perhaps a triumvirate of an environmental scientist, a senior economist (possibly the head of the Bank of Australia and a High Court judge, to ensure individual rights.  Give them a non-renewable 10-year term with a mandate to repair the burnt country, develop sustainable water and power supplies and restore wildlife as well as keep the country economically stable.  They could begin by temporarily stopping all migratioin other than workers required for building the infrastructure (remember the Snowy Mountains schem?), equiring all religioius organisations to pay tax to help funding and chasing the big corporations for a fairer share.

Of course there is enough of a residue of the idea that real democracy is a good thing to ensure that such ideas are not put into practice – yet.  But the very fact that this letter was headlined in such a prestigious paper is a sign.   As the takeover of much of the education system, the media, the legal system and the corporations  by progressive authoritarians takes hold – the adherence to real democracy will weaken.  That is because real Western democracy has been based upon genuine tolerance, liberalism and the foundation of the Christian faith.  These are being removed – especially the Christian part.  Rather than leading to some kind of secular humanist Nirvana where ‘self evident’ universal values are democratically endorsed by an enlightened population – we will find that an increasingly frustrated elite will demand that they be given control in order to save the planet.

Anti-democratic measures will be justified as being for the sake of the climate, to prevent terrorism or to protect the economy.    Democracy and liberalism are luxuries that we can do without.  We need our supermen/women to save us from ourselves.  It is their destiny, they are on the right side of history and the Untermenschen and the great unwashed had better accept our place.   If we don’t the full force of the law, media and mob will be used against us.  (witness for example how in some countries it is becoming illegal and ‘hate speech’ to say that you believe in biological sex and that men cannot become women).

Theocracy, Technocracy or Christianity

The next decade will see whether the legacy of Christianity in the Western world will remain.  My prophecy is simple – without Christianity, liberal democracy will not survive.  The stakes are that high.  The West is in danger not because of a Margaret Attwood style theocracy, but rather because of a progressive technocracy whereby the West regresses from its Christian liberal democratic tradition and reverts to a Greco-Roman Pagan view of the world.

How strange it is that non Christians like Doug Murrayand Tom Holland see this – but so many Christian leaders either do not – or are too cowardly or pietistic to speak out.  When the prophets are atheists, and the church leaders are acquiscent puppets of the progressive elites,  what a dreadful state the church is in.

Now more than ever is a time for a reaffirmation of the Gospel – a call to repentance and renewal and a refusal to bow the knee to Caesar.

The Political Police and the Slide to an Authoritarian State

Government uses ‘British Values’ to destroy ‘British Values’



  1. Freedom is not free, never has been. Evil triumphs when people don’t take a stand for righteousness. Turn from evil of every sort. If it opposes anything in God’s Holy Word however simple…rebuke it. The battle between good and evil has never stopped and will not until the Christ returns to judge all and rule from Jerusalem. Adhere to the law of the land…for God’s Holy Word says to, for lawlessness will abound in the latter days. Defend and pray for the church and government leaders; for God alone can change the heart of a person or people or situation. We have to repent and ask God for guidance. We have to repent of all sins…not pick and choose. Return to God and honour Him and he will honour you. Prayer and repentance is the key to saving a country.

  2. Totally agree.
    Here in the UK, even though our majority conservative government is not remotely conservative, the leftist MSM seem to be doubling down.

  3. Professor Clive Hamilton:

    This is because the implications of 3C, let alone 4C or 5C, are so horrible that we look to any possible scenario to head it off, including the canvassing of “emergency” responses such as the suspension of democratic processes.

    That and more quoted here.

    Tom Holland on Unbelievable?:

    …compacted into this very very small amount of writing [Paul’s letters], was almost everything that explains the modern world…

    The spread of democracy by missionaries: Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy and an article about it

  4. “They should surely as such, have more say than the plebes – for ‘the good of society’.”
    Seems Orwell got it right with the pigs in Animal Farm becoming the leaders because what good would it for for the most intelligent not the be the leaders. Well, it’s Ok to be intelligent but it’s naïve to assum that intelligence equals wisdom.

    Interesting quote there “benevolent dictatorship”. I never thought I’d hear myself say this given a holding to the belief that democracy isn’t perfect but it beats the alternative but maybe the letter in Sydney’s Morning Herald is not without truth in it. Different times call for different leadership methods as Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill have shown us.

  5. An excellent assessment David, frightening but a reminder that the saying “the world at its worst need the church st its best!” is so true, What will it take to motivate the church of Christ to stand up, stand up for Jesus?

  6. Is democracy a Biblical concept or is it the Kingdom of God? There are plenty of verses about the Kingdom of God but none about democracy in the Bible! (There is none about Freedom of Speech or Belief either – the first Commandment means we must dedicate everything to Christ not to other religions). Democracy only emerged from the 1700s onwards, 1700 years or more after Christ.

    1. I think you will find that democracy was around with the ancient Greeks – and yes modern democracy comes out of the biblical understanding of the dignity and equality of every human being made in the image of God, the distinction between church and state, Christ’s kingdomnot being a political one, the responsibility of human beings etc…

      1. Yes, the ancient Greeks had a democracy, although unlike our representative democracy, it was a direct democracy (i.e. the decision all being made by the citizens as a whole). However, it was limited to adult male citizens, and citizens were largely those born there who were not slaves, so it was a rather limited group anyway.
        I’m not sure when representative democracy emerged, but David may be correct about the timing.

    2. David, the link I put above about the spread of democracy by missionaries explains that it wasn’t that they taught democracy, but that democracy followed from what they were taught.
      Also, one of the important factors in modern democracy was the Magna Carta, which in large part was a document telling the king that he was subject to God’s law, so his rule was not absolute, and that the people had rights.
      So I think David is correct about where modern democracy comes from.

      The same with freedom of speech and religion. Yes, everyone should be Christian, but that is meant to be a free-will decision, not something forced, and therefore we must be free to choose, which means that people have to be free to choose (and speak in favour of) other religions, just as Adam and Eve were free to choose badly.

      As for Adam’s comment about a benevolent dictator, I’ve thought numerous times that the ideal form of government is an incorruptible benevolent dictator, but (apart from God) where are you going to find one of them?

  7. David. Whilst I do not disagree about the links between Christianity and Western democracy and freedom, it is important to keep a sense of historical perspective. Growing up slightly earlier you in the mid 70s in the UK I remember the BBC news giving air time to individuals usually from a retired military background to argue in one particular instance that if the FTSE drops below ( from memory125) it would be time for a benign dictatorship. Authoritarianism as deep roots in some people. So I am still hopeful that the slide you freak can be averted as it has been worse before at least in political terms. The distance from God is another matter entirely

    1. Yes – I’m sure you could find a retired military person from every era arguing that a benign dictatorship would be a good idea! Not sure what historical perspective that offers! I doubt it has been worse in political terms….the difference today is that democracy is not so deeply ingrained in the progressive elites.

  8. Until I moved to Australia from UK in 2008 I was a member of a URC which held firm to its Congregational roots, with the Church Meeting being the governing body and the minister the servant of same (of course if minister and CM are not on the same track you do have a problem). Now I’m a very happy member of a large church with what might be described as a ‘benevolent dictatorship’ – decisions and plans are handed down without the general membership being consulted first. In the beginning I found this hard but eleven years later I’ve seen what inspired leadership (plural) that isn’t being held back can achieve. I just wish we could have a bit more of it in government.

    [nod to T.T.James whose 1920s book ‘The Life and Work of a Congregational Church’ pointed out that the CM is not an exercise in democracy, rather the church as a whole gathering to seek God’s will].

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