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Quantum 73 – The Christmas One with Carols, The Archbishop of York; Netflix; China v.Arsenal; Kanye v. Handal; Working Class Tories; Yes Minister; Rumanian Revolution; Peatlemania..

Quantum 73 – The Christmas One – Lots of music and commentary with everything from the new Archbishop of York, to China v. Arsenal and Peatlemania…


New Archbishop of York

Netflix and Mocking Movie about Jesus….

China v. Arsenal

 US China – Trade –

 Kanye v. Handal




Working Class Tories –


What is Government for?  


Rumania change –

FairyTale of Stornoway – If you are unaware of Peatlemania…enjoy this…(and why not get it to no.1 by purchasing it on Itunes…


And our final piece of music… Joy to the World –


Quantum 72 – The General Election One along with Greta’s Hope, Banana Art, and the Wexford Christmas Carol

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  1. ….and may you and yours continue to know the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ , this Christmas and the year approaching .

  2. While it is usually sung at the wrong time, let’s sing one more time.
    “Wee flea kings of Ossie are…”

  3. Amazing info about the Messiah oratorio David, 1742 – 3 years before Culloden!!! Not that it matters but putting it in that context, it came about the time of the awakening – God moves in mysterious ways. Merry Christmas and many thanks for all your hard work.

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