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Discussing Politics in the Third Space Family Room

The Third Space website is a site for non-Christians to enter in and explore various aspects of Christian faith, life and society….We hope that if you are not a Christian you will enjoy exploring the various rooms – we put up fresh content every day.   And if you are a Christian that you will use it and encourage others to do so.  This is an article I wrote explaining why we discuss politics in the Family room.



They say that you should never talk about sex, religion and politics at a dining table conversation – ‘they’ would struggle in this house. Here we love to talk about the important things in life – and whether we like it or not, politics is one of those important things.

Of course there is a way to discuss politics that is destructive and harmful. This seems to happen especially on social media – look at the arguments about Climate change, Brexit, Sco Mo, China and Hong Kong, Trump as examples. What we want to do in this room is avoid a slanging match – and all the sloganeering that goes along with it. We hope to look, from a non-party political perspective, at some basic and vital issues that are important to all of us – whether we realise it or not.

But first some questions:

What is politics?

It is quite simply the art of government. Every society has to have rules and standards. Every community needs good ‘governance’ – whether it is your family, your football club, your school, your local council or your country.

Do religion and politics mix?

Usually badly! The trouble is when people use religion to try and gain political power. It almost inevitably ends up in tears and hypocrisy. Every politician has a religious view of philosophy and we would argue that the Christian virtues are essential qualities for any human being – but especially a leader. But that is a world of difference from religious leaders telling people how to vote, or governments what to do. It is just as bad when politicians try to control and use the Church. Perhaps better than talking about separation of Church and State – we should talk about them being good neighbours and good friends.

Are we a bunch of right wing nuts, or left wing losers…?

Sometimes religion/Christianity is used as a cover for a particular political position. If you are a political/social conservative it’s easy to assume that a conservative theology will fit your philosophy and vice versa. If you are a political/social liberal it’s easy to get the Bible to fit your particular narrative. But that’s the problem – the Bible is way more radical than either perspective – or any of the political views in between.

What is the Christian Perspective?

We don’t ally ourselves to any one political party. You will find that there are a wide variety of political views amongst Christians – but we all agree on the following:

  • We participate – especially in democracies we are all citizens. And we all have a part to play in the community. We keep the laws (except when they go against conscience and the Word of God – then we never bow down to ‘Caesar’) and we seek to share in making them – being salt and light in a world that is sometimes tasteless and dark.
  • We pray – For politicians (whether or not we like or agree with them), for the people and for the poor. We believe that God hears and answers prayers. He raises up rulers and brings them down.
  • We prophesy – This just means that we speak the Word of God (the Bible) into the contemporary cultural context. Sometimes this will be what the world wants to hear – but often it is contrary to the values of our secular elites. There is a price to pay for being a prophet!

This room is for you to discuss, raise questions, disagree, challenge or enlighten us. It is a ‘safe space’ for us to discuss politics and society.

If you have any comments, questions, subjects you would like us to deal with – just drop me a note at


How does Good Theology Lead to Good Society, Law and Politics?


  1. Talking of the family room, what happened to the map of the house with all the different rooms ? I remember this being the main menu page of the first version of the site that I looked at, but now all I can find is a much more boring menu with options defined by medium (watch, listen, read) rather than by topic. I thought you’d decided to abandon the spatial metaphor and thematic organisation, but the title of this article suggests non. Am I just failing to navigate the site correctly?

      1. Scroll down ! So that’s the secret. Not all that complicated after all. Helps me realise how my mother-in-law must feel when I try to explain to her how to work her new tablet.
        Got it, thanks.

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