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Quantum 63 – The one with Hong Kong, German/French Terrorism; Extinction Rebellion; Dianne Abbot; China in Angola; Trans Regrets; EU lies; Thought for the Day and Billy Connolly; and Ginger Baker

Quantum 63 –

This weeks Quantum includes.

Hong Kong

 Terrorist Attacks….

Extinction Rebellion –  Look especially from 30th to 34 minute.

Abortion – – 

The Chinese in Angola

 The Turks in Syria –

 Transmania – original-sex-11827740

Australian Transgender –

EU – The Will of the People –


Thought for the Day – 


 Ginger Baker – 

Quote of the Week…

“It’s a gift from God. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. And I’ve got it: time. Natural time.”

Quantum 62 – The one with Thomas Cook; Boris; Miliband; Generosity; Forgiveness; Climate Change; Chinese Communism; No Whites Anti-Racism; Abbey Road; Kanye West; Gaelic Psalms

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  1. Connolly did what many Glasgow RC’s did, inasmuch as he substituted his ancestral Catholic belief for secular Socialism .

    The last three words may seem tautological until we learn about Jesus’s attitude to money and its attendant privilege which identifies Leftism as possessing the approbation of Heaven.

    After all, the plutocratic Andrew Carnegie remarked ” He who dies rich dies disgraced”.

  2. Baker had the natural rhythmic musicality which is only equalled in Scotland by this percussionist { Evelyn Glennie excepted) :

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