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Quantum 61 – The One with Labour, UK politics, EU flag, Greta, Ethiopian Trees, Sex Ed , The Madness of Crowds, Rees Moog on Abortion, China and 10 Commandments, Mercy Killing’ Ry Cooder

Welcome to Quantum 61 –

It has been an extraordinary week –

1) Labour Party Conference –

 2) UK politics has gone crazy – 


3) EU – flag and anthem…  

4) Greta Thunberg –

5) Ethiopian Trees – 

6) Trans  Academics

7) Childrens Sex Lessons

8) The Madness of Crowds. –

(9) Jacob Rees Moog on abortion –

9) China and the Ten Commandments.

South Korean Missionaries. – 

(10) Mercy Killing


Quantum 60 – The One with Israel, Dawkins, Qantas, Freedom, EU Empire, Social Constuctionist, Pride at Proms, Hong Kong Anthem, Extinction Rebellion, Plant Prayer







  1. Hi David,

    UK politics — in case you missed this in the furore…

    David Cameron says he endorsed SSM after a chat with his wife, Sam Cam.
    He says she would argue, ‘It’s not going to make me feel any less married if two gay people want to get married.’

    1) She ‘would’ argue doesn’t mean the same as she ‘did’ argue.
    2) Using the same logic — I don’t feel any less wealthy after earning my £100 than a thief who stole his £100, so we can go right ahead and legalise robbery! How foolish!
    3) Even more foolish for DC to be taken in by such a fallacy.
    4) Even more foolish he thinks this is a good justification to his readers!

    Is this really the calibre of argument we must suffer from highly educated politicians?

    Heaven help us.


  2. Ry Cooder:
    His was one of the two best concerts I’ve been to, the other being BB King with Lucile.
    The link to the Prodigal Son shows him back to his best. But I’m not too sure about the lyrics. They appear indistinct at a crucial point – it may be that he is returning to the roots of his first love, to serve rock and roll, to the beginning where he first started in music. Certainly it is a return to top form from him.

    Indeed ,the “indistinct” lyrics are here:

    “The prodigal said, I searched for true religion, but no faith and no peace could I find
    Until I came to a little place called Bakersfield, that eased my troublin’ mind

    I believe that, I believe that I will go back home
    I believe that, I believe that I will go back home
    I believe that, I believe that I will go back home
    And be a servant of the Lord

    I wandered into a tavern where a music band was playin’
    The steel guitar rang out so sweet, I feel like I was prayin’
    And I asked a comely waitress, is this a new teaching
    She said there is no God but God, and Ralph Mooney is his name
    I said, let me empty your ashtray, Mr. Mooney, if the drunks interfere I’ll be sad
    But just as long as you sit there on the bandstand and play your guitar like Buddha, I’ll be glad
    The father asked the prodigal, did you smell the sweet perfume and hear the angel band?
    He said, dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music is the only kind of truth I’ll ever understand

    I believe that, I believe that I will go back home
    I believe that, I believe that I will go back home
    I believe that, I believe that I will go back home
    And be a servant of the Lord”

    It is mishmash, a syncretism and a purloining of scripture. It does, however, afford an opening, an opportunity for the gospel in discussions with rock aficionados. Particularly interesting is how deep scripture is, even by allusion, in the N American soul (psyche) , even in “rebellious” rock and roll such as early Springsteen.

  3. ‘his reasons for wanting prorogation were unlawful’. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me the name of the law he is supposed to have broken. The fact of the matter is that the Supreme Court decided to enter the world of politics and its reasons for opposing the prorogation were entirely political. There is a very interesting analysis of the decision here:

  4. Notice the similarity:
    The Supreme Court over-rules the Government on the basis that it acted from reasons which they (the Supreme Court) considered unworthy.
    Another court rules that a man did not commit murder because they approved the reason why he killed his mother.
    Both decisions were based on what the court considered the motives were for the actions taken. If the courts approve your motives you get off scot-free. If they do not approve of your motives you get the opposite decision.

  5. At church this morning, our pastor delivered a beautiful prayer for all young people who may be feeling fearful or anxious due to politics, the media or environmental concerns. He then prayed specifically for Greta Thunberg, that she may experience hope and come to have a saving faith and trust in Jesus.

  6. Greta Thunberg interests me because I can remember as a child stressing about the climate 40years ago, though in my case it was the impending ice age that gave me sleepless nights. If you look at Met Office data you will see that the climate in Scotland has warmed exactly 0.7°C since 1979; a fellow Highlander like yourself might be interested to know this is equivalent to travelling from Wick to Stornoway, this is the climate catastrophe.

  7. Geoff is correct. Ry Cooder was heavily influenced by what were formerly known as ‘ Negro Spirituals’ and added his own “Clapton isn’t God but He’s really Ralph Mooney” brand of superior guitar knowledge.

    Any Woke PC person who objects to the term Negro in the previous sentence is free to boycott America’s biggest Black – supporting charity for aspirant college entrants of that skin tone. It’s called the United Negro College Fund.

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