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The Pastors Heart – Living In Babylon

The Pastors Heart is an excellent programme from Dominic Steele.  Steve MacAlpine and myself recorded this programme with Dominic a couple of weeks ago…Enjoy..


And here is a previous interview with Dominic

The Pastors Heart – Interview with Dominic Steele


  1. The President of an atheist society at a uni asks ‘Who’s Jesus?’
    That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever read regarding religion and I seriously doubt you are telling the whole truth here, David.

    ” I couldn’t find one (a book about Jesus)”
    What? A professional pastor and apologist who can’t find one book about Jesus?
    Seriously, you stretch credulity every time you open you mouth.
    How about the bible? (Gospels)
    Or even the encyclopedia.
    Even I have a comprehensive book about the character Jesus of Nazareth in my library.
    Couldn’t find a book! Hilarious.

    1. Yes – he did ask that. I’m sure he knew of a vague historical religious figure called Jesus – but like you he did not know much about him.

      Yes – I could not find a book about Jesus which was suitable for him to read. You display your own weakness in arguing by arguing against the ridiculous – clearly, I know that there are many books about Jesus…but none that I could think of that was good for a post modern under 40 secular atheist. Do you?

  2. A recent tweet, I think, from Sam Allberry, was something like this: a pastor is for, a gift to the church; the church isn’t there for the benefit of, a gift to, the pastor.
    Some pastors may look through the wrong end of the telescope in the way they view the church and to further their position, their ministry, their calling.

  3. I wasn’t familiar with the Pastor’s Heart before so I have just been listening to some of the interviews on the site. There is some great material there. The interview with Assumpta Venkatachalam on her experiences on the Christian reality television show are particularly worth listening to, in my humble opinion.

    The interview with David Jones was startling, too – did the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists really try to purge all the evangelicals/Calvinists from their denomination in the 1970s?! 🙁 🙁 🙁 I can see certain segments of the Anglican and Uniting Churches in Australia moving down that path today – they just haven’t reached the point if making synod motions yet.

    1. Jean,
      There is a book, commended as required reading by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones entitled “the Atonement Controversy” which sets our the arguments and writings of the protagonists of the period. I bought it in Wales read it and gave it away to a visiting Welsh Preacher.
      Can’t recall the details, but much heat was generated, quite apart from the theological dispute, which I didn’t find edifying.
      Here it is:

  4. PS Jean,
    The book doesn’t deal with the 1970’s, the period covered is 1707- 1841. I certainly didn’t realise that it rumbled on until 20th Century. I thought the split came in the period covered by the book, but I could clearly be wrong.

    1. Hello Dominic

      I have (very) belatedly seen your thanks. No problem – it is a great site and I have listened to some more interviews since then.

      Do you take audience suggestions? If so, some (non-Sydney) evangelical Anglicans I would live you to interview are:

      1. Nathanael Reuss – a former pastor and hospital chaplain in Launceston and regional Victoria and now theology lecturer in Adelaide. Was worldwide chairman of APF from 2012-2017 so it would be great to talk to him about that.

      2. Either Bishop Richard Condie or Bishop Chris Jones from Tasmania about GAFCON, how they see Tassie’s theology in relation to Sydney’s, the financial restructuring of the Diocese and missional work and growth and opposition to “Dark Mofo” pagan art celebration. If they are unavailable, maybe former Bishop John Harrower and his successful dealings with the child abuse crisis in the church.

      God bless


  5. David, I would very much like to see your book *Magnificent Obsession* available in Audible format (and read by yourself of course). I sometimes work as a decorator and have listened to lots of books while I work, but was disappointed when I looked for it on Amazon to see that it’s only available in printed form. I think it would be a few hours of your time well invested.

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