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The Edge – Get a Grip: Who can you trust in a fake news world?

IMG_2867These are the videos of the forum we held at The Edge in Sydney Harbour, in the shadow of the Opera House.  It was a good night….with Justine Toh and Sam Chan helping enormously. I would encourage you especially to hear Scott Monk’s opening talk…you can get all the info and videos here 

Here is the video of my talk:


And this is the video of the Q and A afterwards: Loved working with both Scot and the irrepressible Sam Chan….!


In the World of Fake News a Truth we can all Rely on – Article in Mail on Sunday


  1. To David
    Dear David please don’t feel a need to reply. Thank you for continued comments. We thank the Lord for your incisive perception and courage in commenting on the many troubling issues that arise. It is a pity that other church leaders don’t remember that their loyalty should be to the Lord of all and His Word rather than to what society wants.
    Many Christians seem to forget the old fable of the “Camel’s nose”.
    We remember you in our prayers daily. Be encouraged.
    Joshua 1 v9.
    Kindest regards and God bless,
    Ken Moles

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