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My Last Record

Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 17.39.22This month marks the last Record I am editor of….It is the Assembly edition so the Moderator’s address replaces the normal editorial – so here is the last intro…which explains what is happening.  Congratulations to John Macdonald, the new editor-designate on taking over.

I will very much miss my role as editor – although at times it has been a pain!  May the Lord enrich and bless the ministry through the new editor.


Welcome to the July/August edition!

This summer edition is dominated by the Assembly – although its as long as all moderators address’s – I would highly recommend you take to time to read Donny G’s excellent address from this year. It will profit you in many ways. As will James Fraser’s speech given in his role as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

As well as the Assembly we have space for our studies in Ecclesiastes, book reviews, Dayspring and Catriona’s regular columns, John Milton on tolerance, the Gaelic page, poetry from John Donne and Mission matters.

As this is my last edition as editor perhaps you will forgive me a little personal comment. I count it a privilege and honour to have been editor of this magazine – for the second time. I would like to express my appreciation to all the team involved – because like all good churches – this is a team effort. In particular I am grateful for the inspiring work of Fin Macrae, our designer; Dayspring Macleod, the assistant editor, Janet Macphail (Gaelic), Thomas Davies (ETS), David Meredith (Missions) and Catriona Murray (columnist). Its good to know that they will continue to work with and assist the new editor – who I understand will be appointed by the time you will read this.

I am writing this in Sydney, at the beginning of a new ministry for me. It’s a different situation and a different title – but the same work – seeking to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. That is also true of the new editor – us and our circumstances change – but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In the Church we are all workers together, in the same struggle. Let us make sure that we uphold one another regularly before the throne of grace. May the Lord pour out his Spirit upon us, and grant renewal and revival to the Church in Scotland – and to the ends of the earth.

Yours in Christ


Beauty for Ashes – The June Record Editorial

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  1. I constantly forgive you for your poor punctuation, David, but just on this one occasion I thought it might be worth pointing out three places in one line where it’s up the creek. And I do this as education rather than criticism. The following line was written as follows:
    “…although its as long as all moderators address’s…”
    but it should be:
    “…although it’s as long as all moderators’ addresses…”.

    In Christ.

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