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In The Market with Janet Parshall – From Sydney

This months ‘In the Market’ with Janet Parshall was the first from Sydney….it was great to be able to do the show at a decent hour in the morning – although Janet struggled to get her head round the idea that I was a day ahead of her – the US being even further behind Australia than it is behind Scotland….!

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 13.10.14

We discussed Australia,  Third Space, Scott Morrison, Drag kids and more….you can listen by clicking the link below….


This photo is of the office in which I recorded the show:

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 13.15.51

In the Market – With Janet Parshall – A.S.K


  1. “this culturally tuned-in teacher” – David look in the mirror and weep. You are nothing of the sort.

    1. Mark – I often look in the mirror and weep! I would suggest you learn to look into the mirror of God’s word and you will learn to weep as well…

      1. David – you must certainly are a ‘culturally tuned-in teacher’. It’s a shame that you have to put up with the perpetual insults, abuse, mocking, slander and lies from Mark Gordon. I don’t think he really believes what he says about you – I think he just wants to win – and he will use any and all means to win. Winning would be to silence you! Keep speaking! You are an inspiration and encouragement to many. Matt 5:11-12.

  2. Link’s broken, David,
    I wondered how Mark manages to get his cutting-edge analyses in so quickly, but now we know, he doesn’t bother to listen: a sniper whose camouflage is blown.

    1. @ JK
      Copy and paste it in the address bar and it will work.
      Then you will be able to listen and hear the remark the American interviewer made.


      1. Personally, Ark,
        I just went on to the Moody Radio website and hunted down the programme but I doubt if Mark did either of those. Janet Parshall’s introduction is written up above and my gripe with Mark is that he gets in cheap shots which are meant to irritate rather than to engage. He’s capable of better than that and if he’d bothered to tune in — though in this case getting to listen was a bit of a bother — he’d have found the ‘drag kids’ section which is of particular cultural relevance; and which we’ll tune out at our peril.

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