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Quantum 48 – Adverts; Monty Python; Jeremy Hunt; Margaret Thatcher; Mark Fields; Forced Abortion; Patrick Harvie; Toy Story 4; The Archers

Quantum 48

What do our adverts say about our culture?

Would Monty Python be permitted today?

Are the Tories the party of the family?  What does Jeremy Hunt think that every child needs to be taught?

When did Mrs Thatcher pray?  What did she think about leadership?

Why is Mark Fields more important than the 44 men charged with child sex abuse in Kirklees

Why was a woman almost forced by the State to have an abortion?

What’s the solution to Scotland’s declining birth rate

What happened to the school boy who we mentioned last week?

Why did the Scouts redo their transgender guidelines?

What does Patrick Harvie have to teach the Church?

Is Toy Story Woke enough?


What else is happening in the world?  Why are Xi Xinping and Kim Jong Un

What does Peggy from the Archers have to encourage us with?

Did you know that there are around 60,000 books with the word ‘mindfulness’ or similar  in the title on sale on Amazon?

Quantum 47 -Hong Kong; London; Nigeria; Forgiveness; Womens World Cup; Fathers Day; Oxford Passion Play; Black Metal; School Trans; St Silas; Puritan Wives; Pink Floyd

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  1. I am unable to open your Quantum 48 David. There does not appear to be any link included in this week’s post. I hope that can be fixed. Warm regards, Keith Rowbory

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