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Quantum 39 – Sri Lanka; Lyra McKee; Church Growth; Extinction Rebellion; Aberdeen Abortion; Trans Madness; White Books; Rees-Moog and Islam; Billy MacNeil; Steve Baker

There is a lot for you in this weeks Quantum.  It’s been good to see the growth in the listening figures…you can help by passing it on to others.  You can also support the podcast here –

We begin by looking at how the Sri Lankan massacre has been reported.  I refer to this excellent article from Giles Fraser in The Guardian.  Then we look at another terrorist act in the murder of Lyra McKee and the reaction to that.

The Church is supposed to be in decline in the West.  Not according to this research from Harvard.  But it is in Edinburgh 

Meanwhile paganism returns to Angus –

clipping0 (1)And the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, is accused of Nazi worship!

We also look at the hypocrisy of Emma Thompson and the Extinction Rebellion.

Meanwhile the concern for life is expressed in other ways – in Aberdeen the pro-life student support group have pursued legal action to ensure their right to exist.

Trans Intolerance–   National Review talk about the children who are being experimented on.  A Christian teacher is fired for objecting to Trans propaganda.  There is division in the Scottish government over its new Gender Recognition Act. 

In Tasmania birth certificate are permitted to be changed re their gender.  So now the government will encourage lying allowing those who are born biologically with one sex to deny that and to state that they were born the other!  Pupils in Brighton schools are to be given gender pronoun stickers.

Last week we looked at the cray blog which stated that libraries were ‘white’.  This is now backed up by the pc library journal. 

Jacob ReesMogg gets it wrong on Islam…

And we remember Billy MacNeil


Finally – if there is one other podcast for you to listen to this week I would suggest the following from the BBC’s Nick Robinson – a brilliant interview with Steve Baker- a committed Christian and leading politician in the UK parliament.

And catch up with last weeks Quantum here – Quantum 38 – The Pope in Sudan; Notre Dame; Abortion in South Korea; Bejing; Folau and Vunipola; Barry Humphries; ‘White’ Libraries; Unscientific American; Aretha Franklin; Easter



  1. Hi David, thanks for another informative Quantum.
    It’s Steve Baker (not Brady – it’s in the link); I was confused as to whom you were referring in the podcast. Maybe it has already been mentioned to you.

  2. I thought the article by Giles Fraser was good but I don’t agree with his remark: “Christians in the west haven’t helped. By describing as “persecution” the minor run-ins that Christianity has had with the law – about cakes for gay couples or street preachers, for example – Christians have debased the word persecution and made it sound like a manipulation designed to reclaim some lost place in the culture .” Obviously, these cases aren’t at the level of persecution that those at risk of losing their lives are experiencing, but what are we to do, just ignore them? If we did, in a few years’ time when things could be much worse in this country, Christians would then be accused of not fighting back and speaking out when they should have done. Also to use the words, “the minor run-ins” is unfair when some of these people are losing their jobs (for example your article above on Kristie Higgs) and in some cases experiencing real financial hardship as a result.

  3. Enjoyed this podcast which I listened to for the first time this morning. However, I must admit that I was disappointed at the weak definition given by the politician regarding what it means to be born again. I believe that needed clarification.

  4. There is no reference at all in the linked piece about Scott Morrison about him being accused of “Nazi worship”.

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