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In the Market with Janet Parshall – The Collapse of Western Civilisation

This months ‘In the Market’ with Janet Parshall ended up with a common theme – the collapse of Western civilisation as we move away from our Christian foundation. Enjoy


Screenshot 2019-04-16 10.17.40The Death of Democracy,  Media, Prejudice against Christians; the Meritocracy, Ricky Gervais; Jordan Peterson; American Universities, Notre Dame etc are the subjects discussed.    I cannot help but think that the burning of Notre Dame is symbolic of the wider destruction in  Western culture.  As a bonus here is an excellent response to that from Steve Macalpine. https://stephenmcalpine.com/all-this-useless-beauty/

In the Market – Discussion with Janet Parshall – from Brexit to the Jews



  1. “A building once dedicated to the glory of God, …”. I really wonder if this is really true given its history from the beginning of its integral connection with Roman Catholicism. I think a link to the Tower of Babel is more likely to be true.

  2. A likely side effect of the urgent imperative to restore Notre-Dame shall be the ready recognition of the necessity for a Jewish temple in Jerusalem in order to “finally” cement the nation state of Israel in the forthcoming Middle-Eastern peace arrangements.

    One never knows of course but just saying.

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