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Psalm 89; – Walking in the Light of God 1 Kings 8 – The Wise Kings Greatest Achievement; Crown Him With Many Crowns

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Last Sunday morning we had communion and as we usually do we continued to look at the Psalms – this time it was Psalm 89 – a psalm that is not usually listed as a favourite and yet we found it be especially helpful – God’s Word to us today.  This service was in the context of the death of our brother Malcolm Farquhar


Songs; O Praise the Name; 10.000 Reasons; Ps 119:57-64; Psalm 89:1-8; When I Survey

Readings: Acts 18:18-28; Ps 119:57-64

Sermon:  Psalm 89 – Walking in the Light of God 

(If you listen to the services you here you will get the highest quality of sound, because we can now upload the original files – thanks Colin).

“In a word, the promises had not failed but human understanding of God’s timescale and of the complexity of his world–rule was not sufficient to keep step with what he was doing. So it is for us: the promises never fail, though seeming delay makes some lapse into doubt (2 Pet. 3:4)-and it is not just the great promise of his coming, ‘for no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ.’ The promises cannot fail, though our expectations may, at any moment, be blighted. At such a time, like the psalmist, we must turn the promises into song and the disappointments into prayer.”  Motyer

in the evening Craig preached 1 Kings 8

Songs: King of Kings/Majesty; Crown Him With Many Crowns; Ps 119:26-37; Before The Throne

Readings:  1 Kings 8

Sermon: 1 Kings 8 – The Wise Kings Greatest Achievement 

Here is the Monday Message:

I’m not sure if any one else feels like this – but I have to say that the highlight of
my week, by a country mile, is when we gather together for public worship on the
Lord’s Day. As I stood at the door yesterday and looked over a buzzing and filled
church I was just so thankful for the blessings that our gatherings together bring.
We hear God’s Word, we worship him in sung praise, we pray together, we have
fellowship with one another and with the triune God. And despite all our sins
and faults, there is unity, warmth and blessing. McCheyne once spoke of an ‘oft
felt presence of Christ in our midst’. We praise the Lord that we can speak of that
as well.

Yesterday I felt that especially at the communion. Not only were we
remembering the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were mourning the
death of our brother Malcolm Farquhar. Malcolm is well known to many of us
(for my 27 years in Dundee he has been a hero of mine) as a faithful, consistent,
gracious and loving servant of Christ. He and Ruth have served overseas
students for many decades. They joined St Peters just a couple of months ago.
We mourn Malcolm’s passing, for our sakes and above all his families. But we do
not mourn as those who have no hope. And we do not mourn for his sake. He is
truly at peace.

The funeral will be at St Peters – we will let you know the date when we have it.

Yes – yesterday we dealt with serious and holy things. But even in the midst of
death – what joy and communion with Christ we experience!

Yours in Christ


Romans 9:14-15 – Salvation Preached; Lecrae – Beautiful Feet

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