Ask any Bible Question – Premier Christian Radio – January 2019

Screenshot 2019-01-09 at 10.33.08On Monday I had the privilege of again doing a ‘Ask any Bible Questions’ phone in on Premier Christian Radio.  It was live and I had no forewarning of any of the questions – so it is a pretty hard thing to do…Questions ranged from angels to adultery….not everyone was happy with the answers!

You can listen to the show here – Premier Christian Radio – Your Call

Feel free to follow up on any of the questions..

Premier – Ask Any Bible Question – 28th August 2017



10 thoughts on “Ask any Bible Question – Premier Christian Radio – January 2019

  1. I missed the show, but maybe you can answer this as a one off.

    Q: Do you think that following a Vegan or Plant Based Diet is something to be recommended, on spiritual, physical and environmental levels?

  2. Arkanaten:
    I agree, why would it not be recommended. There are many reasons to recommend this form of food choices, that are wholly consistent with the teachings of Jesus.
    Yet in my experience, the food choices of the church are often poor, and are not always seen as important.
    I was just interested to hear the thoughts of the Wee Flea, especially in light of the rise of Veganism amongst young people, a demographic area where the church is very interested in displaying relevance.

    1. @David Lynch, I agree the church should be able to have this conversation and that there is a lot of ignorance about food production. The following is a very interesting article – a 9 minute read (not from a Christian perspective)
      Off the top of my head – God gave us plant life to eat but after the flood we were given meat to eat. (Arkenaten doesn’t believe in the flood) . The consequences of the teaching of Evolution results in people believing that we are just animals – and that eating meat is therefore murder of other animals. So that is another result of teaching evolution. In my view – animals always die so that we can eat – whether we are vegan, vegetarian or carnivores. I think that we should be aware of the slavery, suffering and hardship of the people that produce and harvest a lot of the food we eat and the exploitation, corruption and greed in the industry. There is probably enough food wasted and thrown out daily by supermarkets, hotels and restaurants to feed all the people that go hungry each day. I also think that there are dangers of missing essential nutrients by eating a vegan diet and the production of some foods vegans eat is ethically questionable for sure.
      Don’t believe anything Arkenaten says – (Ark is misinformed, mistaken and misled and mystically melancholy because of the mystery of the missing Moses and much more!)

  3. If you have a moment maybe you can explain why you don’t see a remarried divorce as being an unrepentant adulterer and also if you therefore think churches are wrong to have a blanket ban on marrying divorcees?

      1. Some do. The Church of England did until very recently.

        I attended a wedding yesterday in an independent evangelical church that had lifted its ban on marry divorcees so that the couple in question could marry.

        I take it you believe that churches which ban remarriage are wrong to do so?

        Could you explain why someone who has married, divorced and remarried is not an unrepentant adulterer – assuming they weren’t cheated on etc?

  4. Pastor,

    Speaking of questions and answers, I know of a little project that may interest you. As you may be aware, the French Reformed Church voted to bless same-sex couples a few years ago. The good news is that, during the debate, a theologically conservative opposition group was formed. They are now seeking to return the French church to a conservative Calvinist, Biblically-based faith.

    One of their projects has been to start their own question and answer website. Members of the public write in with questions about anything at all and a team of conservative theologians answer them. It has been running for two years now, so they are starting to build up a nice collection of questions.

    There are some things you and I may disagree with (they argue in favour of women pastors) but I agree with 99% of the answers.

    It is interesting to see where the majority of the questions fall: as one would expect, there are a lot about:

    1. sex (as happens everywhere, people try to justify fornication and the theologians have to repeatedly explain it is a sin),

    2. sacraments, especially baptism (I guess being an overwhelmingly Catholic/post-Catholic country, people have a very sacramental outlook)

    3. Spiritual/occult stuff. (This may surprise some people but there is a lot of interest in this kind of thing in France. They tend to be less excessively rationalist/less materialist in outlook than Anglos so there is a lot of spiritualist stuff there.)

    The project is here:

    1. Aaargh. I just spotted my error. I meant to say “as expected there is a lot about sex”, then (new para) “but perhaps more surprsingly…” and onto the “sacraments” and “occult” dot points.

      Anyway, I find it a really useful site.

      It is sad that the church of the Huguenots, who sacrificed so much for their faith, have gone down a fairly liberal path in recent times but this group, (known as Les Attestants) is trying to swing it back onto more orthodox Biblical ground.

      The French protestant church is small and vulnerable (only around 3% of the population) so they need our prayers and support as much as possible.

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