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Quantum 17 – St Helens Bishopsgate; Michael Veitch; Islamic Prayer in Blackburn Cathedral; Dawkins and Children; Transgender Rights; Marrying a Ghost

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St Helens Bishopgates and Bible studies in the City with William Taylor –

Pastor Michael Vitch in Scottish Parliament. –

Islamic Prayer in Blackburn Cathedral

IS religion good for children – Richard Dawkins –

Transgender rights – Channel 4 –

Spiritism –

“It is more rational to believe in God than to believe there is no God. Belief in God is much more rationally appealing than atheism. The resting place of the mind, its natural equilibrium, as it were, is belief” Greg Sheridan God is Good for You.

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Quantum 16 – Brexit and Democracy; Asia Bibi; Persecution of Christians; Dame Jenny Murray, Stephen Jardine show; Jordan Peterson; Instagram; Planned Parenthood; FIEC



  1. I enjoyed the em>Is religion goods for children article, and especially the comments.
    Enlightening how not a single comment endorsed the article and several were positively scathing in their criticism.

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