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Remembrance Sunday and Proverbs

Last Sunday was Remembrance Sunday –  You can listen to the whole service here

Calvin “He shows in this that the true and proper proof of our hope consists in this, that, when things are so confused, that the heavens seem as it were to fall with great violence, the earth to remove out of its place, and the mountains to be torn up from their very foundations, we nevertheless continue to preserve and maintain calmness and tranquillity of heart. It is an easy matter to manifest the appearance of great confidence, so long as we are not placed in imminent danger: but if, in the midst of a general crash of the whole world, our minds continue undisturbed and free of trouble, this is an evident proof that we attribute to the power of God the honor which belongs to him

Because I am currently away I have not been able to upload the evening service – but here is the link for it – it was such a personal encouragement _ I would highly recommend listening to Sinclair’s clear teaching from God’s word.

Here is the New Scottish Hymn for Remembrance Sunday


2 Timothy 3 – Sinclair Ferguson; Luke 15 – Andy Bannister – A Remembrance Hymn and Poem

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