Solas, the wider work and prayer




This is a wee video Solas made which shows some of the things we try to do….

You can find out more about Solas here   Please do support Andy Bannister as he leads the team in that work.

I would personally value prayer for strength, courage and wisdom as I try to balance St Peters, Solas and the wider cultural engagement that I am involved in…

25 Years at St Peters

The Solas Enlightenment – A Disappointing End to a Great Idea


3 thoughts on “Solas, the wider work and prayer

  1. Dear Pastor Robertson, a friend of mine’s son is in Edinburough as a student, she is visiting him at Christmas time and wants to find a good Church for him. As I have heard you on Janet Parshall’s program, I assume not all Churches are Bible believing, so could you recommend one for her? I realize I am imposing on your time, I hope in a good cause. Many thanks Jane.

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