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The Holy Spirit and Prayer (Romans 8); Sinclair on Proverbs – Praise and Preaching from St Peters

Last Sunday we looked at how the Holy Spirit helps us in prayer.

John Murray – “The children of God have two divine intercessors. Christ is their intercessor in the court of heaven….the Holy Spirit is the intercessor in the theatre of their own hearts” .

John Calvin – “the Spirit is said to intercede, not because he really humbles himself to pray or to groan, but because he stirs up in our hearts those desires which we ought to entertain; and he also affects our hearts in such a way that these desires by their fervency penetrate into heaven itself. This is a remarkable reason for strengthening our confidence, that we are heard by God when we pray through his Spirit, for he thoroughly knows our desires, even as the thoughts of his own Spirit.”

Songs- I Will Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving; How Great is our God; Ps 107:26(b)-43; Sing Scripture – Romans 8:18-27; I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

Readings: Acts 7:54-8:8;  Ps 107:23-43

Sermon: Romans 8:25-27 – “The Groaning of the Spirit”  – 

In the evening Sinclair gave us a great sermon from Proverbs…this is such a helpful and enlightening series….if you can’t get to St Petes on a Sunday evening…get them from the St Peters Website 

Songs:  Ps 8 (Getty version); The Creed (Andrew Randall version); PS 25:4-13; Come O Fount

Reading: 2 Kings 19:20-37

Sermon: Proverbs 1:8-18 – With Parents like These You Should Listen!”

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  1. While I understand the liturgy, order, of the services I sometimes think the service should end with the sermon, without a following hymn. Some churches do that.

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