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Theresa May’s Worst Move Ever – Dancing on the Graves of Africa’s Children

There are still some things that make my jaw drop – This article (largely unreported in the UK press who were far more concerned about the Prime Minister’ dancing) did so this weekend.   In comparison with this the Prime Minister’s ineptitude on Brexit looks positively benign.

What’s the story?   The Telegraph gives us a very positive spin – The UK government is going to give £200 million to help women in Africa/Asia who want contraception and want to be able to control the number of children they have.   “Marie Stopes International, one of the charities delivering the programme, estimates that it will help avert 2.6 million unintended pregnancies, 1.7 million unsafe abortions and 16,420 maternal deaths.”  (I always love the precision of these kind of estimates – which are largely guesswork based upon presuppositions and generalised figures which are then couched in generalised language ‘estimates, may, ).  It all sounds so great because in many ways it is.  Helping prevent unwanted pregnancies, ensuring that 5,000 girls are able to get back to school – who could object?

I can –  because its one of the most ignorant, evil and racist policies Mrs May could have come up with.  Why?

Ignorant –  It may be that Mrs May really is not aware of what she has committed to – that she really thinks she is doing good.  It may be that such is her desperate desire to avoid the nickname of ‘the Nasty Party’ that she unthinkingly just buys into the whole Western Liberal agenda and managed to convince herself that this is a good thing because it is ‘charity’.   Perhaps the Prime Minister doesn’t know that much of that £200 million will be going to international abortion provider Marie Stopes?  Perhaps she doesn’t know what Marie Stopes actually does?  Perhaps she is not aware that she has just committed British taxpayers money to funding an organisation which supports illegal abortions and encourages the killing of African/Asian children in the womb.  Watch this disturbing video from the wonderful Obianuju Ekeocha        where MSI admit what is happening.


Evil-  If Mrs May is not ignorant (on what would be a culpable level)  and actually knows what she has committed our money to then there are no other words for it than to say she is plainly supporting great evil.    We are talking here about the industrial scale slaughter of children in the womb – sacrificed on the altar of Western Liberal ideology.  When Marie Stopes talk about this policy averting 1.7 million ‘unsafe’ abortions, they are not talking about averting 1.7 million abortions; they are talking about enabling 1.7 million abortions, whilst conveniently forgetting that there is no such thing as a safe abortion – for the child in the womb!

“For they have forsaken me and made this a place of foreign gods; they have burned incense in it to gods that neither they nor their ancestors nor the kings of Judah ever knew, and they have filled this place with the blood of the innocent. 5 They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal—something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind. 6 So beware, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when people will no longer call this place Topheth or the Valley of Ben Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter. (Jeremiah 19:4-6)

Britain is already the second biggest funder of family planning programmes in the world – in the last five years it has given MSI alone £163.01 million. The organisation’s recent financial report revealed that the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) was the single biggest donor, granting £44 million, contributing to it posting a record income of £296.1 million.

Racist – Why racist?  Because this is a Western power offering money to African/Asian nations on the condition that they adopt Western values and give up their ‘primitive’ and ‘regressive’ values.  Ever since David Hume and Kant Western Liberals have believed they were the product of a superior race – ever since Darwin they have justified that belief by saying it is because we are more highly evolved.  I am currently reading the atheist philosopher, John Gray’s Seven Types of Atheism  – a fascinating book.  He provides compelling evidence that racism of this type is a product of The Enlightenment.

In his best-selling book Anticipations (1901) H. G. Wells, also a contributor to the Thinker’s Library, wrote of a new world order ruled by a scientific elite drawn from the most advanced peoples of the world. Regarding the fate of ‘backward’ or ‘inefficient’ peoples, he wrote: ‘And for the rest, those swarms of black and brown, and dirty-white, and yellow people, who do not come into the needs of efficiency? Well, the world is a world, not a charitable institution, and I take it that they will have to go … It is their portion to die out and disappear.’  (John Gray – Seven Types of Atheism).

Although of course any self-respecting Western Liberal today would disavow such crude and explicit racism – there is an implicit racism practised by Western aid agencies and government (as evidenced by the DFID and Mrs May).  They believe there is overpopulation in Africa (too many black babies) and that one of the best ways to control them is through killing the child in the womb.  Of course they don’t say that and they don’t use that language – but however they dress it up – that is precisely what it is.  Abortion in the US has always discriminated against the black population and now we have Europeans (who are suffering from depopulation in their own continent), imperiously telling Africans that we will give them aid as long as they buy into the Western culture of Death.

And the British Conservative Prime Minister is funding this on our behalf!  £200 million at a time for abortions in Africa and Asia whilst we are desperately struggling to fund our NHS at home – I have no objection to, indeed I would strongly encourage us giving money to fund proper maternity care – but not to kill babies.

At a time of crisis and financial shortage in the NHS, British taxpayers money is being used to fund abortion in Africa and Asia!

Well…not in my name.  I will never vote for a Prime Minister or party which indulges in such evil, racist and ignorant policies.   This is way more important than Brexit (although of course the EU is also fanatical in its support of killing African babies).  God have mercy on us.  And to think that Mrs May likes to portray herself as a Christian – a follower of the one who told us to do no harm to the child, who tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the womb, who came as a baby in the womb of Mary in order to save us.  It’s not just Herod who killed babies in order to fulfill his political ambitions.

A great deal was said about the Prime Ministers dancing ability (or lack thereof) .  I smiled about it – until I heard about this evil.  Now I cannot help but reflect that she is dancing on the graves of Africa’s children.


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  1. I understand your concern about abortion. Do you have an opinion of methods like the condom ? And should these be made available by Western donations?

    Kind regards

    Half A P.

    1. I have no problem with condoms – although I don’t think that lack of condoms is the problem. Proper maternity support, good education and other healthcare are fine. But don’t impose Western values on African culture and call it aid!

      1. “But don’t impose Western values on African culture and call it aid!”

        Oh come on. Christianity was imposed on Africa. In Kenya, women had more rights prior to colonisation including land and inheritance. Christian values of men being over women were imposed. Not that long ago in Uganda, US Christians wanted to impose the value of killing people for people gay. Never mind slavery….

        Yes, many of the problems facing the continent of Africa stem from western involvement and western values. But that includes all western values, including religion.

      2. You are an expert in Kenyan history? In what sense was Christianity ‘imposed’ on Africa? Are you sure about women having better rights before Christianity or did you just make that up? Or read it in an atheist conspiracy website? (wee hint – don’t rely on Wiki)…If that was the case why was FGM, selling of wives and female slavery so endemic? Are you seriously suggesting that there was no slavery in Africa until it was introduced by Western slave traders? Want to try again….? This time with some facts…

      3. “Oh come on. Christianity was imposed on Africa.” Correction: Christianity was practically born in Africa. Jesus lived four years (at least) in Egypt, which embraced the new Judeo-Christian faith-religion in the first century AD. So did Ethiopia, and Christianity spread from there to other parts of Africa. Yes, missionaries from Britain, the U.S. and other Western nations imposed their own culturally-informed Christianity in the 18th and 19th centuries, but please keep in mind that the Judeo-Christian faith was present in Africa, especially north Africa, from the first century. (And there are still ancient churches in Africa: i.e. the Coptic church, the Ethiopian Orthodox church, etc.)

        “Not that long ago in Uganda, US Christians wanted to impose the value of killing people for people gay…” Really? Did the American Christians have to impose this idea of punishment of homosexuals upon the Ugandans? Or do you not know that homosexuality is, and has been, traditionally considered taboo in most (if not all) cultures around the globe, including Africa? However, if you are certain that U.S. Christians “imposed the value of killing people for being gay,” then I am supposing you can provide evidence supporting this claim???

  2. It is utterly appalling. Obamas first action on becoming president was to reinstate US funding of abortion clinics round the world. The Bushes had put an end to it.

    It is on a par, however, with bringing ‘same-sex’ marriage into the UK, which she was responsible for.

    1. Slight tangent, but I notice that many of those feminists and others who are loudly, and rightly, protesting sex self-id on the basis that biological difference means something, failed to see the merit of marriage being a positive recognition of biological difference, and also fail to see that abortion is essentially a misogynist act and a negative recognition of biological difference. What a tangled web.

  3. Theresa May is typically making an arse of herself as always . Not only does it look like she has strings attached to see her puppet movements but she’s giving out our hard earned cash to other country’s to control births yet we have babies born with rare conditions that cannot be treated in this country in which sadly are left to die . Why can’t our hard earned cash pay for treatment in our country , treating rare conditions & prevent babies dying ? Her strings need pulled to stop this woman looking like a fool & being laughed at , she’s a total embarrassment to our country …

  4. I had heard about this but only because pro life groups shared it on social media.

    It’s disgusting and distressing and I strongly object to tax payers money being handed out to fund such evil practices. I would imagine baby murderers in the UK also get handed tax payers money.

    The tax payer needs far more say over what their taxes get spent on.

  5. Marie Stopes, eugenicist, racist, and Nazi sympathiser. Why am I not hearing the anti-fascists up in arms?

    Apparently she wrote, in 1942: “Catholics and Prussians, The Jews and the Russians, All are a curse, or something worse.”

    The support organisation for her clinic opening in 1921 was named the “Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress”. See how that goes down in Africa!

    More up to date, MSI paid bonuses to staff who encouraged women to have abortions.

    MSI investigated for the death of Irish woman Aisha Chithira, who bled to death after being sent home after an abortion, despite the taxi driver who took her claiming she looked “like she was drunk” and “out of it”. Can’t recall her being muralised in Dublin. This at the Ealing clinic where they have been blocking pro-life volunteers from offering help to women.

    MSI investigated for illegal and unsafe practices in the UK. MSI that botched 373 abortions in only two months last year. Over 2,600 serious incidents reported in 2015.

    MSI that was found in 2017 to be approving thousands of abortions over the phone, many based on a one-line summary of what was given to a call worker with no medical training.

    MSI that implanted long-term contraceptive devices in Kenyan schoolgirls without their parents’ knowledge. Workers in Uganda admitting injecting women with Depo-Provera but telling them it was anti-malarial shots.

    Does anyone need to hear anything more?

  6. OK, so what are we doing about this? Has anyone written to their MP and voiced their complaint?

    This is important as I genuinely don’t believe there is a single party that doesn’t support abortion – so voting for another isn’t going to change anything – but many of us talking to our MPs may do…

      1. Hadn’t heard of the Scottish Family party. What a lovely name for a party? We’re very interested – and currently reading your website.

      2. Three more that don’t.
        The Christian Party.
        The Christian People’s Alliance.
        The Democrats and Veterans Party.

  7. Good to see some support mentioned for maternity, child care, etc – most “pro-lifers” tend to stop at the quick fix of a ban, which, as the other side rightly point out, won’t prevent abortions but drive them to the sort of operations likely to kill *both* lives involved, rather than only one. And the routine use (especially in, but not at all limited to, Africa) of rape as a weapon of war, with the common expulsion of even rescued women from their former societies, means that providing genuine alternatives that traumatised women will avail of will take a lot more than outrage and good intentions.
    As to racism, I don’t think the social weeding intention is limited to the unwhite: certainly Chesterton, 100 years ago, commented on those eager to eradicate poverty by eradicating the poor, and he didn’t qualify that by race or location – indeed, as a good Catholic he considered it applied to contraception as well. But I do wonder what is so different, apart from a conscience-salving time lapse, in our peddling arms to Africa, turning a blind eye to (or worse, joining in) corruption, destabilising their economies, and then “sending back” or quietly drowning anyone trying to escape?

  8. After all the Conservatives have done it’s nice to know where the line is for people to withdraw their vote. Let’s not forget when Theresa May claiming to be a pastors kid was selling weapons of mass destruction to the Saudis in order to perpetuate a humanitarian crisis in the Yemen – where were the Christian voices at that time? Claiming they were persecuted because the National Trust stopped using the word Easter (to be fair you weren’t included in that).

  9. Here is a link to an article by atheist philosopher John Gray, well worth reading. In my words it reveals the imperialism of liberalism, atheistic liberalism that is.
    It is another form of the imperialist communism of ideas, but differs in formfrom the financial clout of China in its pragmatic methodology, waiving debt and pledging 60 billion dollars, to spread control into Africa.

  10. Very interesting that the group who made “Killing Africa” – a group called Culture of Life Africa – describe themselves as:

    “We are a community of people who are faithfully attentive to the Gospel of Life , especially as it is taught by the Catholic Church.”

    Hardly surprising.

    Where, I wonder, is the video made by Culture of Life Africa , about the destruction of countless lives that the Catholic churches policy on condom use has wrought in Africa?

    I am guessing that a video like that doesn’t exist.

    It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that it really isn’t all lives that the “Culture of Life” group is interested in . Not at all.

    I can’t help but reflect how odd it is that they direct so much energy to preventing abortions, but when the child is born and becomes a sexually active adult they promote a policy that can lead directly to that same person’s death.

    It like a Catholic merry-go-round.

  11. Why all this outrage when Christians fund abortion at home via NHS contributions. Seldom, if ever do we complain about this questionable single-payer, universal outcome system. Why criticise May but remain silent about our own actions.

    1. We don’t make NHS contributions and we don’t fund abortions. Yes we do complain about tax payers money for this…but jumping from that to condemning to whole universal healthcare system is a bit of a leap….

      1. How is the NHS funded? It has no money of its own!
        How are governments funded? They have no money of their own?
        Taxpayers pay for all of it. Christians pay taxes – ergo Christians pay for NHS healthcare, which includes abortions. Am I missing something here?
        This is an uncomfortable truth.

      2. Yes – taxpayers pay – but that is not what you said…you asked when we would stop making donations to the NHS. We don’t. As taxpayers we pay our money and the government determines how it is spent. Its not an ‘uncomfortable truth’. Its the reality…

  12. If you say ‘as tax-payers we pay our money and the government determines how it is spent’ then why not apply this to the 200 million the UK government is giving to Africa?
    Why the concern about our government funding abortion in Africa and a ‘the government decides’ attitude to spending on abortion in the UK. If you accept their right to determine where taxes are spent in the UK, then why not apply this to overseas spending?

    I am not concerned with the principal of abortion here – I abhor it. Of course we don’t withhold taxes, but we live in an apparently open democracy where government policy is supposedly responsive to public demand. As such, has a serious representation about an opt-out on NHS funding ever been made (how about gender re-assignment also?).

    I should point out that I did not ask when we would stop making donations to the NHS?
    Why did you introduce this into the discussion? I almost fell for the misdirect. I’ll admit my use of the word ‘donation’ was weak, but surely you knew what I was getting at.

    Cards on the table, I’d rather see an overhaul of the health system towards a model that was more compatible with my conscience. And I understand that even if you believed that too, saying it would be Twitter-suicide.

    Anyway, good banter, very enjoyable. I suspect I wouldn’t disagree you on any gospel fundamental, but when I occasionally dip into your blog I can be disconcerted by the politics. How do you find the time for this stuff?

    cheers for now

    1. We do apply it to that. I have written numerous letters, articles, support SPUC etc. Why assume that we do not? Government policy is not all that responsive to public demand….and I suspect most of the public don’t care too much about abortion anyway….

      When you used the word donation – I assumed that was what you meant. We don’t donate to the NHS to provide abortions.

      I have never bothered about Twitter suicide…I say what I think….

      Don’t be disconcerted at my politics…its ok to disagree about these things. This is my personal blog and on it I like to reflect on the things I care about and am interested in -that includes politics. I will never claim that my politics is something that is dictated by Scripture (which for example has nothing to say about Brexit or Scottish Independence)…I would however hope that, as with all things, I try to apply Christian principles to how I think!

      As for where I get the time….I don’t know. I write quickly. I read a lot – quickly. I think out loud (in my writing) on what I read and hear. I don’t watch a lot of TV and apart from cycling and chess….(and supporting Dundee FC and listening to the cricket) I don’t have a lot of other interests! I gave up playing golf years ago because I just did not have the time…

      The day will come when the well runs dry – until that day I will keep writing!

      1. I thought it might be interesing to initiate a discussion about the Christian in society; the nature of consent and representation, and how these might be in conflict with the Christian conscience. But obviously you’re not having it, so I’ll leave it there.

        I think your use of the racist slur above is quite wrong, and disturbingly so. This funding of abortion services in Africa may indeed be evil. It is certainly a naked power-play in the pursuit of soft-power and economic gain on that continent, but by any realistic understanding of the term, it is not that. Forget HG Wells and John Gray’s sophistry – Thersa May’s offer was not based on a belief in the superiority of ‘white’ people and their culture over that of a black person. The superiority of one set of inherited racial characteristics over another is not an issue here. I think you may have been intellectually seduced here. Theresa May – White Supremacist! That is really what you are saying, though it is couched in a pseudo intellectualism that the unaware may fail to see through.

        I once heard a youg man infer from a Free Church pulpit that you were his hero (If this is not a verbatim recollection, then it is mighty close). You have a platform and you have influence. Believer and unbeliever alike hear you and perhaps some take your utterings to be ex-cathedra and that is why throwing the R word about so loosely cannot be wise. So maybe I should be disconcerted. I concerns me when a Christian figure shoots off as you sometimes do – it reflects on us all. This artice is careless and dangerous in places.

        And on a lighter note. I once heard you say that the singer Maddy Prior was the daughter of former Tory cabinet minster, James Prior. Really? A little fact-checking required, I think.

        Cheers for now.

      2. John – you are asking why I didn’t do something that I do!

        I absolutely stand by the racism comment. John Gray does not do sophistry – whether I agree with him or not he cites his sources and usually comes up with intelligent and coherent arguments. The cultural – racial superiority that I’m referring to is that of the Western liberalism which assumes that Africans are more backwards. You may not think that that is technically racism – I do.

        I doubt I am anyone’s hero! And I’m not sure what it has to do with the discussion here? I don’t know single person who takes my thinking out loud as ex cathedra – And I think your attempt to get me to be quiet by stating that is at best disingenuous. If the article is careless and dangerous please feel free to point out where it is so.

        You’re absolutely correct about Maddy Prior – that is misinformation I received. apologies – I suppose I should fact check everything – but sometimes I just don’t have the time and believe what I read! Lesson learned – – – thanks

      3. Absolutely. I agree. It is an action which says: “Us civilised white people know better than you, and will ensure you can enlightenedly kill your unborn children too.”

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