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Led by the Spirit, Wisdom from Proverbs – sermons and worship from St Petes…

A lovely view from Memphis…..

As I prepare for preaching in Memphis Sunday morning here is the sermon from last Sunday morning – again there was a tangible sense of the Lord’s presence with people in tears and just a joy at His goodness.

And the service from the evening…again another stunning sermon from Sinclair on wisdom….enjoy…

“It is however the design of Paul, as it will presently appear more fully, highly to extol this inheritance promised to us, that we may be contented with it, and manfully despise the allurements of the world, and patiently bear whatever troubles may press on us in this life.” – Calvin.



  1. Yes we very much enjoyed the Sunday services when we visited St Peter’s again last week. We were spiritually stimulated and blessed.

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