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Quantum 06 | The Wee Flea Podcast

|1| Aretha Franklin.

|2| Predator Priests.

|3| Canadian Euthanasia.

|4| Freedom of Expression.

|5| Vicky Beeching on sin.

|6| The Greek Debt Crisis.


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Aretha Franklin

BBC – Obituary: Aretha Franklin

Predator Priests

RebelPriest – Homosexual predators, not paedophile priests, are Church’s deadly cancer

Reddit  – Summary of Pennsylvania Predator Priest Activity


Canadian Euthanasia

National Review – Canadian Hospital Pushes Euthanasia on Disabled Patient

CTV News – Chronically ill man releases audio of hospital staff offering assisted death

Freedom of Expression

Rowan Atkinson on Freedom of Speech 

Vicky Beeching on sin

BBC Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine 

The Greek Debt Crisis

BBC – End of Greek bailouts offers little hope to young


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  1. As a Catholic I am deeply shamed about the dreadful activities of some of the Church’s clergy, whether it be actually abusing other people or covering up the abuse of others. There is not, and cannot, be any excuse for what has been going on. And what has been going on has been going on has involved far more than just a few, isolated cases. And I have to agree with David that most of what has been going on is not paedophilia. Most of what has been going on involves post-pubescent males and many of the most recent allegations involve adults, not children of any age. Can I, however, be permitted to suggest two amendments to what David says on this subject. They may be relatively small in nature but I think they are worth making.
    Firstly, the Report refers to the Ecclesiastical Province of Philadelphia, not just the city of Philadelphia. The Ecclesiastical Province of Philadelphia consists of 8 dioceses, of which 6 featured in the report. There is a big difference between 300 and 1,000 in one city and 300 and 1,000 in six dioceses.
    Secondly, “At least 300 predator priests over several years.” The report covers four decades, not just ‘several years’.
    For more on the Pennsylvania report see links at Anglican Mainstream:
    David also honestly accepts that abuse is not confined to the Catholic Church. For more on that, see:

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