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The Teenage and Young Man Jesus, The Repentant Prophet, Chrysostom on Wealth and Ps 130

Last Sunday morning Sinclair preached an incredible sermon on the teenage and young man Jesus – many tears were shed as the beauty of Christ incarnate was unfolded. I loved the reading of the passage from the first person perspective of Jesus.

Songs– Come O Fount;  Ps 139 (New Scottish) ; O Praise the Name;  Ps 105:34-45; I Stand Amazed

Readings:  Acts 6:1-7 and Psalm 105:23-35

Sermon: Luke 2:39-52 and 3:23 “ Jesus between 12 and 30”

15895897_231340247307494_5436723571821759239_oIn the evening Harry Mealyea gave the second part of his series on Jonah.  It too was a rich feast.  I love the differences in preaching styles.  Harry reminds me so much (and it is a pleasant memory) of bygone days in the Church of Scotland when there were a significant number of men who really preached the Word in this style.   Also listen for a wonderful rendition of Psalm 130.

Songs:  O Lord my God, When I in Awesome Wonder; King of Kings, Majesty; Ps 130; Where is the Blessedness I knew.

Reading: 2 Kings 17:1-23

Sermon: Jonah 2 – “The Repentant Prophet”

Quote for this Lords Day….

I read this provocative and wonderful quote this morning:

“We build houses that we may have a habitation; not that we may make an ambitious display.  What is beyond our wants, is superfluous and useless.  Put on a sandal which larger than your foot!  You will not endure it; for it is a hinderance to the step.  Thus also a house larger than necessity requires, is an impediment to your progress towards heaven.  Do you wish to build large and splendid houses? I forbid it not, but let it not be upon the earth!  Build yourself tabernacles in heaven, and such that you may be able to receive others; tabernacles which never fall to pieces.  Why are you mad about fleeting things; and things that must be left here?  Nothing is more slippery than wealth.  Today it is for you; tomorrow it is against you.  It arms the eyes of the envious everywhere.”  (Chrysostom – Homily 2 – Sermons to the church in Antioch).


Praise and Preaching from St Peters – 29th July 2018 – Ps 83 and Romans 8:5-8


  1. Morning, David, I wondered what this typo actually was supposed to be – sounds like a beautiful exposition;
    ‘as the beauty of Christ incarnate was unfollowed’

  2. Yes my husband Roy and I have been following your blog and the preaching coming out of your church every week since June. We are enjoying the spiritual stimulation so much, and know what you mean about last Sunday’s sermons, they were both excellent.

  3. Beautiful preaching from Sinclair Ferguson. Such godly, rich preaching in both sermons. Hadn’t heard Harry Mealyea before….love his slow considered delivery. Something very holy about all I listened to today from St Peter’s…on my bluetooth speaker while washing up and cleaning up. A joy! Thank you!

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