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Jesus or Religion? What’s your Magnificent Obsession?

Premiers ‘Thought for the Day’ . no. 2 – a 2 minute thought for you to listen to and pass on!

This tells of how I got the title Magnificent Obsession and makes the point that religion without Jesus is pointless and indeed harmful.

Your own Personal Jesus – Magnificent Obsession on Premier

Speaking of Magnificent Obsession it was good to hear the book being commended at Keswick by Jonathan Carswell…..


  1. This wee book is a Great tool to have in your evagalistic toolbox.

    I have already given it to someone and I await the fruit with anticipation.

    Be encouraged God is drawing a people to himself from every toungue tribe and nation and most amazing of all, you and I have a part to play in fulfilling Gods awesome plans for this generation 😁
    Matt 28:18-20.

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