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This weeks podcast looks at an extremely important issue – how Scotland is an example of a liberal democracy founded on Christian principles slipping into an illiberal authoritarian regime where the State is God.   What do SNP MP Ian Blackford’s recent comments on Scottish values, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s speech on values at Glasgow Pride and a Roman Catholic priest being sacked by Glasgow Caledonian University tell us about the rising tide of secular authoritarianism in Scotland?


Quantum 02 | The Wee Flea Podcast

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BBC Radio 4  | Any Questions – Friday 13th July 2018

The SNP on Twitter  |  Nicola Sturgeon – Scotland’s values are those of tolerance, diversity, respect and love

BBC  |  University chaplain removed after holding service to atone for Gay Pride event

The Spectator  |  Mary Wakefield – Why dismiss a Catholic priest for being Catholic?

Amazon  |  David Goodhart – The Road to Somewhere: The New Tribes Shaping British Politics


  1. This is an excellent expose of our “government” in Scotland. I would add that a further lie Mr Blackford told was that Scotland has always been a country of immigrants. Isn’t it closer to the truth that many have emigrated from Scotland to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand? The “immigration” in Scotland’s history is more like invasion. And this idea that we are all immigrants puts a greater distance between us and our common history and ancestry and the truth about what it actually means to be Scottish.

  2. The naunaunc and subtilty of this authoritarian agenda David indetifies is pervasive. It’s driven by minority pressure groups across the Various western parliaments & it’s disturbing.

    The kind of political influence a small but growing number of people are exercising in Scotland today is deeply worrying.

    It’s worrying because it reminds me of the social engineering by another nationalist movement in the 1930s . Where people with their own agenda got into positions of power. They then set about implementing programs whereby sociaty was told what was and was not acceptable ideological views, values and ultimately speech and behaviour.

    You will no doubt remember what happened to those dissenting voices across the whole spectrum of society!!!
    Wherether they were political, government, religious or social, they were all swept aside in faviour of the authoritarian agenda of a small number who had got themselves into positions of power and influence.

    But that could never be repeated today. Could it?
    Well, when commercial enterprises like your car breakdown company (AA) becomes an active participant in propagating the kind of social engineering driven by the (LGBT) agenda. When universities are removing religious figures from public office because they don’t buy into these imposed values. When children are viewed as vessels for indoctrination in these ideologies and schools are used as the instruments to achieve this. Friends, we are in very troubling authoritarian waters.

    Every teir of society is being manipulated to conform to this agenda. It’s not about the agenda per say, that is a symptom. Its about the meta-narrative of authoritarianism in The guise of liberal values of equality, social inclusion, tolorance and love.

    You try disagreeing with the (LGBT) agenda, and you will scratch the thin vineer of respectability of these purported values, as David Robertson has found to his great cost. And you will feel the reality of what they diffine equality, inclusion, tolerance and love really is!!!

    David Robertson is not given anywhere near the same platform or airtime as those of militant LGBT views. Hardly equality, more like exclusion. Hardly tolerance, more like intolerance. As for love, David Robertson is portrayed, vilified and charachured as the vilen of the peace (to put it mildly) in this ongoing public conversation. Hardly loving.

    No the vineer of respectability, the guise of liberal values, is very thin, and you will break through it like walking on thin ice, if you dare to step on the LGBT agenda, you will be up to your neck in very unpleasant waters.

    I seem to remember a whole program that was implamented to achieve similar agamdas in the “1000 year rain” where children were used to further the authoritarian agendas of one man.
    Where those who were the guardians of the vulnerable both adult and child alike, were used to identify those who were outside the definined social parameters of the authoritarian Elite, and were disposed of accordingly.

    When there is no place for dissenting voices in a liberal democracy, then it’s not a liberal democracy.

    You may remember where authoritarian agendas lead the world to in 1939-45 and you would be nieve to think that human beings are beyond such wickedness today.

    Think on friends, what exactly is the trajectory we are on, and where will it lead us?
    Broad is the road & wide is the gate that leads to destruction & many find it, narrow is the path & norrow is the gate that leads to salvation & few find it.

  3. Spot on. Unfortunately.

    Here’s an absolute eye-opener, and straight out of Orwell. The City of London Corporation are consulting on “gender identity” with reference to providing corporation services and facilities. Open to all, not just Londoners or commuters. Get yourself comfy before you are blown away by the utter nonsense . Biological sex is not even given a look in. Talks of “gender assigned at birth”, urinals in “gender-neutral” toilets, access to single-sex services and facilities on the basis of self-id, and mixed-sex dressing areas where you can’t undress unseen! You can see where it’s leading.

    “Radfems” are ripping it to shreds. I think we should also. Go forth and remind them that sex matters at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LLK223F.

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