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Romans 7:1-6 – The New Way of The Spirit; Sinclair on Proverbs 1 and A Message from the Graveyard.

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It was a real joy to be back preaching on Sunday –  In looking at Romans 7:1-6 and the difference between written Law and the Gospel of the Spirit.   I began with Marlon Brando, continued with Jordan Peterson, and ended with Martin Luther – “ We must ask God for divine grace, so that we may become new in spirit, willing and doing all good works with a joyous, ready heart and a free and manly mind, and not moved by servile fear or by some childish desire. But this alone the Holy Spirit works in us.” 


Here is the sermon on Romans 7:1-6

And then even though I was tired – I was completely revived by Sinclairs wonderful sermon from Proverbs 1 in the evening.

This was so encouraging…. I was approached after the morning service by someone who wants to be baptised, another woman who has been healed in answer to prayer, and a young man who has just started coming to church.  There is much going on – but the need is overwhelming…the great thing it is only our Holy God who has the power to raise the dead – and He will!

As I cycled to the Church on another glorious sunny day in Dundee (we have had constant sunshine since coming back from Australia) – I went through Balgay cemetery – on my headphone what this wonderful song from City Alive

The view from my bike as this was playing….


“What other glory consumes like fire

What other power can raise the dead

What other name remains undefeated

Only a Holy God”

The Cross, the Temple and the Gospel – Sinclair Ferguson, Andy Robertson and John Owen


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  1. Thank you David – just got to this post. I should say, very apt, given that I’m currently about 3/4 through The Whole Christ, following a recent recommendation of yours. I am finding it wonderfully central to my current life and concerns, so thanks for that (and also pointer to Tim Keller’s book on prayer, and the Mc’Cheyne bible study guide, which I am still awaiting..)

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