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Proclaiming Christ in a Post-Christian Culture – Menai Anglican


We are just back from Sydney – tired but happy… was a great sabbatical…not so much a rest but rather a renewal – anyway a change is as good as a rest!…..


John Isaak, Mrs R and yours truly..

One of the highlights was on Wednesday 30th of May when we visited Menai Anglican to talk about Proclaiming Christ in a Post-Christian Culture.  This was one of those meetings that you know as soon as they begin are a bit special – what I call Holy Spirit meetings.    They were expecting about 150 and over 350 turned out…from several different churches…we had a great night of praise, talk  and Q and A.     What is different about this one is that Annabel was interviewed with me at the beginning….if you don’t have time to listen to the talk I would suggest you listen to the first part which is the interview with Annabel….and I thought the Q and A was better than the main talk!  Mainly because there was a wee bit of an edge…not everyone was on board with what I was saying!  Which made it all the more interesting! I loved it….

You can get the interview, the talk and the Q and A here at the Menai website – 

There was a lot of feedback from this evening.  Probably my favourite comment was “I came expecting answers, and I left with even more questions. ” (this was said as a complement, not a complaint!)…It was great to see people thinking for themselves….It was also good to see a church which is progressing and growing as they proclaim Christ in ‘the Shire’ (they are based in a unique area of South Sydney called Sutherland – but better known as ‘The Shire”.  How lovely that as someone who has ministered in the real Sutherland, I got to do so in the Australian version!.  May the Lord bless…

Evangelism in Todays Culture – Interview with Mark Baddeley



  1. Listened to both recordings while doing the housework and ironing. Lovely to hear your wife and learn what a godly woman she is. Praying for you both and for your family and ministry. It is amazing what so called ‘sophisticated’ university level intellectuals will do to express their ‘hate’; snide remarks to your daughter. It actually reminded me of similar abuses by wicked school teachers back in the day in Ireland who, in supposedly correcting a pupil, would make snide derogatory remarks about their parents. It is a very backward ignorant trait. I hope your daughter comes up with a few cutting responses to put such people in their place. We are too soft in our responses!
    Welcome back to sunny Scotland. Alas the political climate is much the same! But maybe a bright new day for Scotland awaits us. Brandish THE sword!

  2. Thanks for visiting and expounding such faithful courage building teaching to us at CPC Chinese Presbyteryian Church Evening Service camp during your sabbatical as well.

    I have been lovingly obsessed and encouragingly equipped by your blogs Wee Flea!!!

  3. Margaret Hudson’s prayer at the end of the Q&A session:

    We come before you, Sovereign Lord, so thankful for this evening and all it has raised for us to consider, to pray about, to engage in. And we ask that in these changing times where the darkness is tangible that you would please help us to be thoughtful, gracious, and courageous followers of Christ.
    We know what we’re like, Lord – easily prone to doubt and fear, discouragement and disillusionment. Please help us. We long to be found faithful to you. Help us never to lose sight of the incredible hope we have through Jesus. Help us to love your word and ground ourselves thoroughly in truth so that we can be ready with a wise answer. May we be a community of genuine love, first to each other, and secondly to those around us who are lost without knowledge of Jesus.
    Father, we thank you so much for David and Annabel with us tonight. We pray for David as he defends your Name in the public arena. Please give him a strong sense of your enabling power in every opportunity that you give him, especially in those battles that overwhelm. Please bless him with wisdom, clarity, humility, and protection from the evil one as he serves you. We ask that you would renew and refresh him in every way during his time in Australia. And Father we ask that you would bring great fruit from his ministry to the glory of your Name.
    We thank you, our Father, for all the blessings we have through Jesus and the bond of faith in him that we share. May we go now in his Name to serve you with joy.
    It’s in Jesus’ Name we pray.

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