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Revealed – The Next Step on the Slippery Slope

Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it

There is a pattern in our society that is being repeated over and over again. I have witnessed it for over 30 years and there is no sign of it ending. What happens is that the downloadliberal elites who dominate our media, politics, church and academia tell us that their latest cause celebre is absolutely necessary. Those of us who are concerned about the consequences of their proposed changes in our societal morality are mocked and abused as using the slippery slope argument (as if the argument itself were self-evidently false). And then the next step that we predicted – happens.

So it was that many years ago I was mocked for saying that same-sex adoption would lead to those who did not support it, being banned from adopting. It happened.   Then I suggested that civil partnerships would inevitably lead to Same Sex Marriage. I was told not to be ridiculous. It happened.

A few years ago in a Solas podcast we warned that the destruction of marriage (re-definition as David Cameron so Orwellianly put it) would be followed by a push towards polygamy and the acceptance of Queer Theory as the moral philosophy of the State.   Again we were mocked. Again it happened. Now the new cause celebre (transgender) is going to lead to an attack on the whole idea of there being distinctive genders based upon biological sex.

 What’s next?

In this deconstruction of humanity there are several steps yet to happen. We will leave aside trans-human, trans-species and trans-abled, for the moment (although we have already seen examples of people arguing for all three of these) and instead turn to two more in the area of sex and sexuality. It is my view that, unless we wake up to what is happening, the next barrier to fall will be incest and that will then be followed by a gradual acceptance of paedophilia (first of all as a sexuality and then as a normative way for some people).

The Same Old Pattern

The way that these changes occur is always the same. At an academic level some ‘experts’ start proposing theories that go against the current view and claim that it is ‘researched and proven’. Then activists start to agitate for their particular ideology – attempting to make it the next civil rights ‘equalities’ issue. Meanwhile there is a softening up of the general populace (who are usually considered to be too dumb to understand the sophisticated arguments) through soap operas. Then, and only then, do the politicians get in on the act – following ‘public opinion’ like sheep!

To summarise…these are the steps on the slippery slope for each issue…

  1. Create a theory that undermines or attacks Christian understanding and discuss it on the grounds of tolerance
  2. Research and ‘prove’ it. (In the case of incest the academics are already there. They have named it Genetic Sexual Attraction – GSA will now be recognised as a sexuality – thanks to Patricia Weerakoon for pointing this out to me).
  3. Make it an activist campaign and claim it is all about ‘equalities’.
  4. Soften up  and create public opinion through mass media, soap operas etc.
  5. Politicians and lawyers follow on ‘public opinion’ making it law
  6. Ban people from disagreeing with it on the grounds of tolerance.

It was this ‘soap opera’ step that struck me as we sat the other day in our wee ‘mini house’ in Sydney, watching an episode of Call the Midwife. It is a superb programme – well filmed, beautifully scripted and acted. Which makes its attempts to indoctrinate the people of the UK even more dangerous. I was unaware of this but the episode we watched was first broadcast six years ago and featured a brother and sister who had been living in an incestuous relationship for many years. This was not only portrayed sympathetically it was positively promoted, as the elderly Anglican nun in a kindly and wise tone, uttered the final voice over ‘ “the house was filled with love…and love is love.whatever”.  (have you ever noticed how its the kindly religious people who are the heroes of such story – as long as they reject the premise of the faith they are supposed to be proclaiming – and the villans are usually the ‘wrong sort’ of religious people – apparently in the world of soap opera writers, belief makes you hard-hearted, and being soft-hearted also makes you soft in the head!).

What shocked me was not that the storyline was hinted at – but rather that it was so blatant. This was not some art-house movie raising issues, but the most popular soap opera openly advocating incest. Of course of the basis that ‘love is love’, who can argue with it? Actually anyone with a brain should be able to argue against it because it is an utterly meaningless soundbite. But given that our government policy seems to be based upon it, and our elites seem to lack any concept of how idiotic and immoral their latest social engineering is – I suppose we should not be too surprised that ‘love is love’ should be given out as some kind of Yoda like mantra. Which is why incest will increasingly be recognized as a legitimate expression of ‘love’…and paedophila will follow. After all ‘love is love’!

The slippery slope exists. We are on it.

Great is the darkness that covers the earth….

Light of the world come…

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Footnote:  I haven’t seen the rest of Call the Midwife and I don’t think I’ll bother…let me take a stab in the dark….future episodes will include sympathetic portrayals of bigamy, abortion and if they can manage to get it into a drama about the 1950’s,  transgender….


  1. The issue of homosexual ‘marriage’ was a wonderfully marketed campaign. What was the motto? ‘Love wins.’ How can anyone be so cruel as to say two people who love and care for each other shouldn’t be able to get married? You mean, nasty, intolerant homophobe!

    There have been a couple high profile cases of incest here in the US. When talking to people about them and they express their disgust, I use the same argument as above. They look at me queerly and say how could you think that. Next comes the Nathanic trap. You are the man who glowing speaks of homosexual relationships with the same words, love wins.

    Then I go on to explain that a morality unrooted from an external, eternal God can go anywhere it pleases. Pedophilia is next after incest.

  2. No bigamy yet, but polygamy (Asian man imports young bride to have his child) and abortion (dangerous back street).

    Wife and daughter watch it – I can’t be bothered because the setting does not look remotely like East London (dunno where they film it).

    I trained at the The London Hospital (where they still have the skeleton and death mask of The Elephant Man), starting in 1967 so only a dozen or so years after the series is set. I went out with the midwives for home deliveries several times – quite an experience.

  3. I’ll give two more examples. The Durrells.
    And New Zeland drama ‘800 words’.
    Both of which are normalising liberal sexual expression, the former portraying it over half a century ago.
    The dangers of the Durrells and Call the Midwife, is they suggest that the liberal view has always been mainstream, and any conservative view on marriage and sexuality is modern and needs quenching. This is deceptive as the attitudes then we’re not mainstream liberal, tradition had a strong place in society. Modern liberalism presumes that all that went before were wrong, but that fact is the marjority were not liberal. But conservative for good reason.

  4. “Which is why incest will increasingly be recognized as a legitimate expression of ‘love’…and paedophila will follow.”

    Oh dear me.

  5. I agree entirely with your points about the slippery slope argument, but I’m not sure about paedophilia becoming mainstream. Every culture needs something to hold up as reviled, the lowest of the low, and for us, this is it. I expect the slippery slope to continue in every way except this, where I expect the condemnation only to grow stronger. Could be wrong though.

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