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Hawkings Haverings – Answering Stephen Hawkings Atheist Claims

I was saddened to hear of the death of Stephen Hawking – I had recently read a biography of him – as well as watching the sanitised airbrushed Hollywood version of his life – The Theory of Everything.  

Brilliant mind though he was, he allowed his atheist upbringing and prejudice to distort his reasoning.  None more so than his claim in The Times  from 8 years ago – “There is no God”.   I’m told that his views seem to have softened in his latter years and that sometimes he even attended church. But this was the response I gave 8 years ago…it still applies today…


There is one correction to the video: Feynman created the path integral calculations in quantum mechanics that Edward Witten used to develop the M-Theory. Though Feynman is no longer alive to defend his position, his written works indicate that he would not have supported an untestable theory like the M-Theory to explain the causation of the universe. Thanks to Graham Robinson for pointing this out.

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  1. Good response to Hawking et al. It is obvious nonsense to claim that ‘M’ theory is to physics what evolution is to biology. Not only is there no evidence for ‘M’ theory but there can in principle be no evidence for it. It is not physics but metaphysics. Nothing wrong with that, but it should not be called science. Philosophy is dead Indeed! The irony…

    1. Along with Hitler, Stalin etc….odd to think that god has the same punishment for them as he does for Hawking’s disbelief.

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