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A Discussion on Christian Feminism

A discussion on feminism, leadership, gender, marriage,  preaching, the Bible and the church…with Nick Franks on his vlog….I hope you enjoy it…value your comments (feel free to let me know where I am wrong!)…


This is an old book but I would still highly recommend it…



  1. Insightful and interesting to watch. I need to learn more about headship in the home as it begs the question “what if a woman is single/unmarried?” Or “what if the wife is further along in her spiritual journey? How can the husband lead?”

  2. Dear Pastor David,

    The very best book on the topic of Christianity and feminsm I have read is “The Essence of Feminism” by the Sydney Anglican, Kirsten Birkett. It is only a slim volume but it is well worth tracking down.

    Birkett started out intending to write a pro-feminist book but, after researching the topic, became an anti-feminist. In a few short, simple arguments, the book demolishes feminism’s ideological claims. Highly recommended.

    In Christ,


  3. The you tube video was enjoyable . As a pouncing pedant , I noted the obvious redundancy in the introductory inclusion of both “Mr” and “Esq.”

    I should have thought that the RC’s with their VM fixation , almost past Trinity levels to that of Quaternity, had provided “sufficient unto the day” of Feminism.

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