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The Best Online (St Peters) Worship Service Yet?

IMG_2952We are really enjoying being in Australia….the thing that we miss the most are family – both physical and spiritual….most days I walk to Lane Cove library, where I am currently doing most of my writing.  As you can see it is a beautiful walk.  This week as I was walking down in beautiful sunshine I listened to this service from St Peters on the 25th of March.  I don’t know what it was but its probably the best service I have heard online…I even found my Presbyterian hands being inadvertently raised and singing out loud!  I think some people in the posh gardens were a wee bit startled – as were the workmen on the road!

Everything about it was superb….from Owen’s dulcet tones in leading; David Ellis’s beautiful prayer which deeply moved me; Sinclair’s interaction with the children;  the scripture readings;  the whole hearted praise led by Dave and an excellent group of musicians;  the acapella psalm led by Stephen;  to the wonderful sermon from Sinclair on John 12:12-21.  I have since listened to the whole service again and it lifted my soul.  I hope it has the same effect for you…


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