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How Should we use the Means of Grace in our Evangelism?

Why is it essential that we use the ‘ordinary means of grace’ for evangelism?


Why Is Secularism Becoming More Aggressive?


  1. Grace is the Christian USP! There is nothing like it.
    And the demise of Christianity is evident in the demise of grace, and graciousness.
    Take a look at any media, and you will find a huge absence in grace. Be sure people will have strong views, high moral values, are able to judge and challenge wrong, but you will find little grace!
    Law and judgement are easy. Punishment is easy. They, in the words of Oskar Shindler, are not power. True power is the ability to pardon! That is power. But to pardon requires grace. And only the recipients of grace are those who can give grace.
    Like the man who grabs his fellow over a minor debt, refuses to afford him grace, because he himself has not received the pardon he was offered. He was proud and intent on paying back the impossible. He had rejected grace.

    Only the Christian message is one of grace. To give it, one must first receive it.

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