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Counterfeit Vlog – They’re Going After the Children – the Madness of Gender Self-Identity

Tomorrow is the deadline for the ‘consultation’ on the Scottish Governments proposals on gender self-identifying.  I have written the Free Church response which we will put online later .  This is a video I recorded with Counterfeit Vlog


img_9808Counterfeit Vlog is an interesting and well produced vlog with Nick Franks and Joshua Jones – this is how they describe themselves…

Nick Franks (@FirebrandNotes) and Joshua D Jones (BlueCheezWhisky) are blogging buddies. A little like Luther and Tyndale, they’re playing the same gig just the morning after the night before. (2 Peter 3:8).

They’re friends because they have a similar taste in whisky, cow and wine but primarily because they are lovers of Jesus.

Burdened by a desire for the UK Church to be all that she should be, for biblical truth, prayer and a marriage of Word and Spirit, they have much to say.

Now is the time.


An Open Letter and Plea to Justine Greening, Minister of Education on her Gender Identity Proposals

The Re-imaging of Humanity – 3 – The Transgender Revolution




  1. I have responded to the consultation on a personal basis. I focused on the danger to children and young people, the lack of evidence for current “treatments” (such as puberty blockers), the fact that 80-90% of youngsters with gender dysphoria revert to their biological gender after puberty, and that the desire to “de-medicalise” transition is nonsense because, by definition, transition is a medical/surgical process. The General Medical Council is unlikely to authorise doctors to prescribe life-changing treatments in the absence of a definitive diagnosis which is what the proposed legislation wants.

    P.S. Watched the video yesterday on YouTube – very good. Well done David.

  2. Surely the critical issue is, how and why this is happening?
    It all relates to how we as humans see and evaluate ourselves. Instead of an objective identity as a basis upon which we bring our subjective thoughts and feelings into line with, such a view has been abandoned in favour of a subjective basis.
    I am what I feel.
    It’s driven by the sexual revolution. Sexual expression, thoughts and feelings are no longer to be confined and brought in line with an objective moral value and duty, I.e, monogamous marriage.
    Such values are vilified and stigmatised, no such constraints are tolerated.
    Sexual expression is personal. Marriage is unnecessary. Whatever orientation or expression is acceptable.
    As such, the door of subjective morality is open wide, and any objective anchor or compass is completely obscured.
    It is therefore inevitable that when we allow subjective thoughts and feelings dictate, that the flood gates open to ’cause many to be tossed and blown by every wind and doctrine’ known to man. The abandonment of objective moral values and duties does not create a vacuum. We just reap what we have sown. God is not mocked.

    It’s not possible to tackle this issue piecemeal. It’s simply a symptom of a wider problem. It needs an approach as that of John Baptist, the laying of an axe at the root of the tree. Not fiddling with the leaves and branches.
    The tree needs to come down.

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