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Romans ch 4 – The Faith of Abraham – Our Example

downloadLast Sunday I preached through Romans 4 in two parts – it is a chapter of Romans which is quite often neglected but is crucial because it shows how Abraham is the example of salvation for all of us.   Both sermons are below and can be accessed on the St Peters website as well.

Morning: Romans 4:1-8 – Abraham – Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Isn’t it wonderful to be in credit? When you look at your bank statement and you see that your overdrawn there is a sickening feeling. Now look at your own heart – look at your own life – and no matter what good you have done the fact is that you are in debt to God. Forgive us our debts!

Evening: Romans 4:9-25 – The Faith of Abraham

Calvin “ let us also remember, that the condition of us all is the same with that of Abraham. All things around us are in opposition to the promises of God: he promises immortality; we are surrounded with mortality and corruption: he declares that he counts us just; we are covered with sins: he testifies that he is propitious and kind to us; outward judgements threaten his wrath. What then is to be done? We must with closed eyes pass by ourselves and all things connected with us, that nothing may hinder or prevent us from believing that God is true.”

This is one of the songs we sang….


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