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Rosie-and-John-Main_article_imageOn Monday I had the privilege of doing a live phone in on Premier Radio – a 30 minute phone in with people asking bible questions.  I have no prior knowledge of the questions so it makes it an interesting show….this week we were expecting lots of Christmas ones – so we got:

Is it right to shop on Sunday?

Is Sunday the Sabbath?

Should women teach?

Whats the Biblical take on Donald Trump and Jerusalem?

Did it snow at Christmas?
What are Christmas myths?

Did Eve give birth before the fall? Are Children born in sin?

Why does Solomon refer to his wife as sister?

If God is so good and loving, why does he allow evil?

Is belief in Jesus as the only way arrogant?
If children are not born sinless,  what happens to them when they die?

All in 30 minutes! ….You can listen to the show here…

Your Call – Monday 18th December with David Robertson 

And here is an older one…

Ask Any Bible Question – August 2017

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